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19 August, 2014

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Fish or Chicken Mughlai Paratha( fried flat bread stuffed with minced chicken/Fish and egg)

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It is one of the most popular Bengali cuisines .It said to have been originated from south Asia during the Mughal rule.It uses all purpose flour or maida ,though I stuck to whole wheat flour for health.But Maida will give you the best taste.



1.Refined flour (250 gms)
2.Oil (2 cups for frying)
3.Baking soda (1/2 tbsp)
4.Salt (as per taste)
5.Onions (2 cups finely chopped)
6.Chilies ( 4 to 5  chopped)
7.Ginger garlic paste( 1 tbsp)
8.All spice powder(garam masala)
9.Minced boneless chicken or Fish(keema)[depending on the filling you want]
10 Kashmiri chily powder (1 tbsp)

Preparing the Dough

1.Add 2 to 3 tbsps  of oil to the flour
2.add baking soda
3.Add salt
4.Knead into a soft and firm dough.
5.Beat the dough well with your hands to make it very soft.
6.Keep the dough aside covered.

Preparing the Filling

1.In oil add chopped onions.
2.Fry till brown
3.Add ginger garlic paste
4.Add green chilies and chilly powder
5.When the masala starts separating from the oil add the fish or chicken keema
6.add salt to taste and all spice powder.
7.Saute and cook for 5 minutes till the chicken or fish is thoroughly cooked.
8.Take of from the gas and let it cool.

Preparing the egg

1.Beat 2 eggs with salt and chopped onions.

Preparing the paratha

1.Make a round ball of  the dough and roll into a big thin circle.
2.add some filling at the centre.
3.add some egg mixture on top will act as a binding material to hold the paratha in shape.
4.Fold the flattened dough in the form of an envelope.
5.Heat tawa with one tbsp of oil
6.Slowly with the help of a spatula and place it on the tawa without breaking it.
8.Add some more oil an flip it to cook it well on both the sides.
9.Serve hot with potato curry.


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