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Royal mixed fruit Punch

Royal mixed fruit Punch
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It is a colorful romantic fruit punch appealing to the eyes and absolutely yummy to taste..I used White chocolate but if you love dark chocolate you can make a variant with dark chocolate too.

To make 2 glasses you need the following


1.Kiwi crush (4 tbsp)
2.Srawberry crush(2 tbsp)
3.Whipped double cream topping (Dairy free  which is used for frosting cakes)
5.Fruits chopped(Apples,Banana,Pomegranate,Pears etc)
5.White chocolate

Make the White chocolate sauce

1.Melt the white chocolate  (around 1 cup chopped) in a double boiler
2.Add some cream into the melted chocolate to form a sauce of medium consistency.
3.Cool it

Preparing the punch

1.In a glass add 2 tbsps of kiwi crush
2.Add a layer of whipped cream
3.Add the chopped fruits
4.Add a layer of cream again
5.Add a tbsp of strawberry crush
6.Add a layer of cream
7.Finish with the white chocolate sauce.
9.Add some more whipped cream and cherries.


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