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Raw Mango Fish curry (North African style)

Raw Mango Fish curry (North African style)
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This is a dish which I prepared in style of a North African vegetarian raw mango curry.Raw Mangos are available in abundance in the market nowadays and the natural fragrance of raw mangos add flavor to any curries.It is good on your stomach ,helps to keep you cool on a hot summer day.The curry will have a sweet and sour taste which you will like.


1.Fish fillets 200 gm(cut into small pieces)
2.Red chilies (2 to 4)
3.Grated raw mango(1 cup)
4.grated jaggery or sugar (1 tbsp)
5.Garlic (5 to 6 cloves)
6.Mustard seeds (1 tsp)
7.Curry leaves (5 to 6)
8.Chilly powder (1 tbsp)
9.Fenugreek or methi seeds (1 tsp)
10.Asafoetida or hing (1 tsp)
11.Salt (as per taste)
12.Lemon juice (1 tbsp)
13.Grated coconut (1/4th cup) optional.
14.Cumin powder (1/2 tbsp)
15.Oil (Any)
16.Mustard oil (1 tbsp)

1.Marinate the fish fillets with little salt and lemon juice.
2.shallow fry the fish in oil.
3.Dry roast the methi seeds in hot pan.
4.Dry grind the roasted methi and red chillies into an almost fine powder.
5.In a tbsp of oil add mustard seeds and curry leaves .
7.Add garlic paste
8.Add methi or fenugreek seeds powder.
9.Add chilly powder
10.Add hing.
11.Add cumin powder.
12.Now add the grated raw mango and simmer for sometimes.
13.Add grated coconut if you like.
14.Simmer the spices for few minutes in low flame.
15.Add the fish fillets and cover cook in the masala gravy.
16.If you need more gravy add 1/2 cup of water.
17.Add salt and jaggery to taste.
18.Adjust the amount of sugar or jaggery depending on the type of raw mango you are using for a perfect seet and sour taste.
19.Chop 1 green chilly finely and add to the dish(optional)
20.Add 1 tbsp of mustard oil for the zing.
21.Serve with hot steamed rice or hot delicate rotis or anything you may like.


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