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Two-in One Coconut Khirkadom


grated coconut 5 cup, Nestle Milkmaid 2 cup, elaichi powder 1 spoon, mango colour essence 6 drops, Ghee 1 Spoon, chana(home made) 1/2 cup, sugar 2 cup


At first, we will have to make the inner stuffing, and for this process we have to take 1/2 cup chena(home made) and have to smash the chaena, make a dough and mix 4 spoon of Condensed milk and then mix it very well so that the mixture becomes prominent. We should make the dough very soft and then we put 6 drops of mango colour essence ,so that the colour and flavour of Khirkadom will become very tasty and of mango flavour, now we have to again mix it very well, and make small small balls for khirkadom stuffing, now the inner stuffing of the Khirkadom is ready, Next we will take the grated coconut in a bowl with 2 cup of suger and mix it very well until the suger melts, then We will pour this mixture into a heated frying pan and mix it properly. After that we will mix 2 cup of Nestle Milkmaid and again mix the whole mixture very well, keep on mixing on low flame or the mixture will burn, Keep on steering untill the mixture gets its perfect structure. Now, It\'s time to put elaichi powder on pan, and mixed it very well, after some time we will stop the oven and keep the mixture aside to make the temperature of the mixture getting little cool. Now we have to take some Ghee in our plam and start the process of making small balls and fill the balls with the inner stuff that was prepared earlier. Now we will make the balls round in shape and keep them for 30 minutes in normal temperature. After 30 minutes, we can serve this awesome, innovative Two-in One Coconut Khirkadom Sweet to our friends and family ,To this festive season.




I used coconut and prepared khirkadom, used 2 flavors cardamom and mango

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