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Gulabjamun stuffed Rasgulla with Mango Sauce


For Gulabjamun... Readymade gulabjamun mixture...50gm Hot milk...3tbspn Sugar...1cup Oil...2cup For Rasgulla... Full cream milk...1ltr Vinegar...2tbspn Sugar...1cup Semolina...1tspn For Mango Sauce ... Mango pulp...1cup Sugar...3tbspn Milk...1/2cup


At first mix hot milk in gulabjamun mixture & make a very soft dough of it. Keep rest for 5 to 7 minutes. After that grease your palm with ghee or oil & make very small gulabjamun balls from the dough. Heat oil in a pan & deep fry the gulabjamun in medium flame for 10minutes. Make sugar syrup with 1:2 sugar & water. Dip the gulabjamuns in syrup for 15minutes. After that take out the gulabjamuns from syrup & keep it in fridge for more 10minutes. For Rasgulla, boil milk first.Then switch off the flame & add vinegar to make it curdle. Strain the excess water from paneer & leave it for 30minutes to make it dry. Once it\'s became dry, add semolina & mash it well. Now take some paneer mixture, flatten it on your palm, put one gulabjamun in it & wrap it well without any crack. Add sugar in remaining gulabjamun syrup & let it boil. When it will start to leave bubble, add rasgullas in it. Cover it & let it boil for 15 to 20 minutes in medium flame. Once it\'s ready switch off the flame. For Mango Sauce, brush butter in a hot pan. Then add sugar. When it\'s melt then add mango pulp. Stir it constantly & add milk. Boil it till sauce consistency. Now take a serving plate. Cut the rasgullas & place it on the plate. Pour the mango sauce over it. Make it cool in fridge & enjoy it chilled. Happy Cooking....




Everyone enjoyed Rasgulla & gulabjamun. But my Innovation is enjoy these two favourite sweets at a time & believe me it\'s delicious.

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