Indo Chinese crab curry with eggs

This is a delicious crab curry with Indian and Chinese fusion spices with scrambled eggs.
Author indrani


  • Crab qty: at least 2
  • onions:4
  • Garlic:10 to 12
  • ginger:1/2 inch
  • soya sauce:2 tbs
  • tomato sauce:1/2 tbs optional
  • chili flakes:2 tbs
  • Kashmiri red chillies:2
  • green chilies 2
  • eggs:2
  • lemon juice:3 tbs
  • water:1 cup
  • salt: as per taste


  1. Fry crabs in white oil

  2. Fry finely chopped onions in oil till brown

  3. make a paste of 1 onion, ginger, garlic, and red chilies.

  4. fry the paste with chopped onions.

  5. Add soya sauce. Add the crabs and saute them for 5 mins.

  6. Mix chili flakes and tomato sauce in water and add.

  7. Check the salt content. Add salt if required.

  8. Let the gravy cook for few mins. cover the vessel.

  9. Break 2 eggs in a container and mix them with a pinch of salt.

  10. Add the egg to the gravy and cover for a minute or so.

  11. Scramble the eggs and let them mix with the gravy.

  12. Chop green chilies and add.

  13. The dish is ready for serving with steamed rice