7 best crab curry recipes
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7 best crab curry recipes

Crab is my favorite seafood. Compiling 7 of my favorite crab recipes here. Crabs can be bought live from the market. Their claws are tied. You can freeze the crabs to kill them at home or tell the vendors to break their claws. Then you need to clean the crabs as lots of mud are trapped in their shells and gills. After cleaning you can cook them in your favorite curry. You can check the recipe video to clean crabs here.

1. Kakrar Jhal

Kakrar jhal
Crabs make one of the tastiest meals. This curry is typically from the heart of Bengal  situated on the banks of river Ganges and eastern part of India, North of the Bay of Bengal
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2.Thai green crab curry

Thai green crab curry
The green Thai curry is one of my favorite dishes and adding crabs to this dish causes an explosion of flavors. The vibrant green color is due to the coriander leaves stalks, green chilies, and sweet Thai basil and coconut milk impart a creamy texture and aroma to the dish. The addition of seafood in addition to vegetables takes the flavors to a new level altogether awakening your senses to a new experience of deliciousness.
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crab curry

3. Crab xacuti masala

Crab xacuti
This is a popular Goan recipe prepared with seafood  and even chicken as a main ingredients. The dish is rich with coastal flavors and spicy with the fresh grounded roasted spices. The crab used here is soft shell crabs which have shells soft as egg shell are fleshy ,succulent ,sweet and juicy.
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Crab xacuti

4.Singapore chili crab curry

Singapore chili crab curry
This is a beautiful saucy crab dish thickened with egg bits partly cooked in hot sweet and sour spicy broth. This dish is very popular in Singapore and actually popular across all parts of the world for crab and seafood lovers.
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Singapore crab curry

5. Crab Chettinad masala

Chettinad crab curry
This is a spicy crab curry from the Karaikudi region of Tamil Nadu
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Chettinad Crab curry

6. Indo Chinese crab curry with eggs

Indo Chinese crab curry with eggs
This is a delicious crab curry with Indian and Chinese fusion spices with scrambled eggs.
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7. Crab green masala in Maharashtrian style

Crab green curry Maharashtrian style
This is a Maharashtrian dish that I had in Koli festivals and fancied making. It is cooked in a green paste that contains coriander leaves, green chilies, and freshly grated coconut apart from the Maharashtrian garam masala which is composed of a variety of whole spices.
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Crab green masala


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  1. A mouthwatering collection of crab recipes! I’m definitely spoiled for choice. But I think Singapore Chilli Crabs would be the first one I would love to try.

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