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chicken chaap
Bong Connection Chicken Recipe

Chicken chaap

Chicken chaap is one of the Mughlai delicacies which became popular in Bengal during the rule of Nawabs in Bengal. It has been an intricate part of the food popular during the Bengali festivals like Durga puja. The Biryani and chicken chaap are the most cherished food combination served as part of the traditional Mughlai …

Mandi chicken biryani
Chicken Recipe Rice

Mandi biryani

Mandi is a traditional dish originated in Yemen consists of meat and rice cooked in a pit resembling a clay oven or tandoor. The word Mandi is derived from the Arabian word ‘Nudaa’ meaning ‘Dew’ owing to the soft texture of the meat. I had the opportunity to taste this dish in Dubai during a …

Indrani’s Kitchen| Green chicken curry

Chicken curry cooked in a green herb paste consisting of coriander leaves curry leaves and fenugreek leaves.   Ingredients 1.Coriander leaves (1 bunch) 2.Thyme (1 sprig) or Ajwain(1/2 tbsp) 3.Basil leaves (3 to 4) or fenugreek leaves 4.Garlic (7 to 8) 5.Green chilies( 3 to 4) 6.Chicken legs (6 to 7)or curry cut 7.Curd(1/2 cup) …

Live cooking Caesar salad
Breakfast Chicken Recipe

Tandoori chicken Caesar salad recipe | Caesar salad dressing

  Caesar salad was named after  Italian-American restaurateur Caesar Cardini who is said to have invented the salad in Mexico to attract tourists in his restaurant. Originally the salad contained Romaine lettuce , bread croutons,boiled eggs ,Parmesan cheese ,Worcestershire sauce  and garlic .His brother prepared a new version by adding anchovies and the salad became …

Peruvian chicken roast
Chicken Recipe

Peruvian roasted chicken

Peruvian chicken roast also known as Pollo a la Brasa and blackened chicken in USA is a popular dish of Peruvian cuisine. The dish originated in the Lima city of Peru. Authentically the chicken is only roasted with salt over charcoal barbecue and served with french fries and a spicy green sauce made with Aji …

chicken baked with vegetables
Baking frenzy Chicken

Baked Chicken with Vegetables

Sometimes you just dont feel like having a three course meal for lunch or want to have a quick dinner with balanced nutrition.This is an incredibly easy and customizable recipe which involves just marinating the chicken with spices and herbs and bake. Ingredients 500 gm boneless chicken breasts 1 onion grated 2 tbsp ginger garlic …

Railway chicken curry
Chicken Recipe

Railway chicken curry

This is a chicken curry which I prepared, remebering my childhood train journey days . I used to travel at least thrice a year from Kolkata to my grand mother’s place  in North Bengal, surrounded with hills and a very fascinating place for sure. This is a rustic chicken curry being served in the compartment …

Honey glazed chili chicken

Honey chili glazed chicken

This is a variant of chili chicken which I prepared with a sticky honey glaze which gives an attractive bright coating and  a sweet sour and spicy flavour with a little bit of crunch . The honey is caramelized and pour over the chicken to  add a sticky coating of the sauce. I personally love …

Chicken roulade
Chicken Recipe

Chicken roulade Indian style

Chicken roulade can be a delicious wholesome dish and when served with some stir fried vegetables can serve as a filling brunch or dinner. Boneless chicken breasts are stuffed and  rolled to form a cylindrical shape and tied with a thread and shallow fried. Ingredient 500 gm Chicken breasts boneless 1 cup corn 2 to …

Chicken ishtu-Youtube

This is a chicken recipe from old Delhi evolved from the British era . In the British version of chicken stew the chicken and spices are cooked together to form a thin runny non spicy gravy in contrast to the Indian process of cooking where the spices are first fried or bhunao in oil. But slowly the same chicken stew evolved among the locals and started being cooked in local restaurants with whole spices all cooked together but with more oil and ghee, to give rise to the modern chicken istu one of the most popular dish in the restaurants of Delhi.

Chicken ishtu
Chicken Recipe

Chicken Ishtu

This is a chicken recipe from old Delhi evolved from the British  era . In the British version of chicken stew  the chicken and spices are cooked together to form a thin runny non spicy gravy in contrast to the Indian process of cooking where the spices are first fried or bhunao in oil. But …

Coconut chicken curry
Chicken Recipe

Recipe of coconut chicken curry

  A simple chicken curry mild spicy with minimum ingredients yet mind-blowing will take you to a virtual journey to the coastal plains of India decorated with green laced border of  coconut trees. The preparation is inspired by “Kori Gassi ” , the famous Mangalorean chicken curry and Kolhapuri chicken curry but uses lesser ingredients. …

Mango chicken curry
Chicken Recipe

Mango chicken curry

    This is a summer chicken curry prepared when you have mango abundance in the season.Sweet and tangy with subtle spiciness are the key flavors of this curry. Ingredients 400 to 500 gm Chicken 1 big tomato 1/2 cup onions 1 cup mango pulp 1 cup curd 6 to 7 medium garlic cloves 2 …

Chicken empanadas

How to make chicken Empanadas

The “empanadas”, the name is derived from the Spanish word  “empanar” meaning to coat in bread .This a baked or fried stuffed pastry popular in America ,Spain,Portugal and parts of South America. They are popular snacks all over the world and filled with a variety of fillings including seafood, beef, pork etc.In India these semi …

Chicken roast
Chicken Recipe

lemon pepper roast chicken

This new year ,I had been with my mom and brother and spent some valuable time with them.For the dinner I made a whole chicken roast stuffed with rice,seafood and chicken mince infused with Indian spices.The accompaniment was stir fried broccoli,potatoes and peppers.The chicken was tender an juicy with flavors from black pepper and mild …

cooking chicken in a clay pot
Chicken Recipe

Cooking chicken in a clay pot

In rural India ,clay pots are the popular containers for cooking as they are cheap ,easy to wash and bio degradable ,can be used and thrown.According to ancient Ayurveda earthen utensils make more nutritious food.Due to their porous nature heat is distributed uniformly to the food cooking in them and gets cooked slowly and uniformly …

chicken frikasee
Chicken Recipe

Recipe for chicken fricasee

Calcutta as a city never ceases to amaze me with its rich history  and beautiful people .When I shifted to Mumbai ,I would miss its crowd ,club culture,helpful people on the street who are ready to spare time for the citizens besides their erratic schedule,where every hefty argument over coffee table must revolve around politics ,food …

Chicken keema masala(Minced chicken with raw papaya)
Chicken Recipe

Minced chicken with raw papaya

Raw papaya is one favorite ingredient among Bong community and why not! it is extremely nutritious and healthy .Besides having the property of easily digesting the fibers in vegetables and meat due to the presence of papain ,it also helps to retain the skin glow and ageless beauty. Raw papaya has a neutral taste and …

roasted chicken salad
Breakfast Chicken Recipe

Smoked chicken salad

Generally on a typical busy week day my  husband reaches home late at night from the office but rarely he eats outside.He is a perfect foodie and lover of home cooked food.and further more he is a lover of traditional typical Indian food like “roti sabji”, “traditional Bengali chicken curry and rice” or “fish and …

Breakfast Chicken

Crispy chicken fry

This is a crunchy fried chicken recipe which you can quickly make during any time of the day.The chicken is first marinated and then coated with a crispy coating followed by deep fry in oil.Kids will love it. Ingredients for marination chicken with bones or chicken legs(500 gm) Lemon juice (2 tbsp) Salt ( 1 …

Chicken Recipe

chicken do pyaza

This is my childhood comfort recipe to cook.During my teens whenever I wanted to cook for the guests or my friends ,I used to cook this one as it is a sure shot hit and every body will praise about you.Oh! how I used to love that! Even now I don’t need to refer to …

murg musallam
Bong Connection Chicken Recipe

murg musallam

Murg musallam is an authentic Mughlai dish which is extremely popular  in Northern and Eastern part of India.Authentic  dish contains a roasted and marinated whole chicken stuffed with spices,prawns ,eggs or rice and then cooking it in a yoghurt based spicy gravy .Today I will teach a  royal dish which is still a favorite among …


Murg Pahadi tikka kebab

This post is more about a tour to a local beach in one of the weekends rather than only sharing a recipe.Kelwa Beach is situated about 80 kilometres towards the north on the outskirts of Mumbai.The residents of Kelwa beach are mainly from the Koli community who are involved in the fishing industry due to …

tikka biryani

Chicken tikka biryani

  Biryani is a dish which became popular in  India due the influence of Turk and Mughal invaders .Chicken Tikka Biryani Recipe is one of the famous delicacy of Punjabi Cuisine. It is prepared by cooking rice and spicy chicken tikkas together in a covered pot.Chicken tikka is also a popular dish from the Land …

Bong Connection Chicken

Murgir Dom(Dum Chicken curry)

This is  a traditional chicken curry cooked the Bengali way.During my childhood around 30 to 40 years back the  poultry concept was not so predominant.In contrast local country hen was used for making authentic Bengali curries.The meat contained more flavor and the curries contain less spices compared to chicken cooked  in the Mughlai way.Bengali cooking …


Peas Chicken

I  recently had this wonderful invention in my kitchen where I made a chicken curry with fresh green peas sauce. It had lend a slightly sweet taste and nutty rich texture and beautiful natural color to the dish. Those who hesitate to try something new  fearing failure can also go for this dish as the …


Chicken and vegetable lentil soup

This is my childhood favorite soup which we prepare during every winter season. Packed with vitamins, minerals and good nutrients it will help to build immunity for kids and keep us healthy and active. One can make it vegetarian also without adding chicken is equally tasty.   Ingredients Beetroot chopped into cubes(1/2 cup) Carrots …


Crispy Coconut Chicken fry

This is a very simple homemade chicken fry which is beautifully crispy and has a  flavor of coconut in the crispy coating.I just discovered this recipe by chance and I haven’t googled to check that whether such a recipe exist or not.But I am completely satisfied by its taste and I am ready to make …

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