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Breakfast Vegetarian

Padma Nimki

Diwali ,the festival of Lights is near the corner .During this festival we make our traditional sweets and savory dishes and share among our family,friends and neighbors. Traditionally this festival not only attempts to light our home and surroundings which also signifies eradicating the darkness from one’s life but also lighten the inner soul with knowledge …


Noodles spring rolls

It was one of those days when I had to leave very early in the morning and could not cook breakfast.My husband got  adventurous and decided to cook some noodles on his own.He is otherwise a fairly good cook.But when I came home ,I saw one big pot of leftover noodles stuck together with lot …


Batata vada-Indian potato burger pattice

Vada pav is the most popular street food in Mumbai.People here ,are in love with “pav” which is a form of bread almost similar to burger buns and the food which are soaring in high demands are Pav-bhaji,misal-pav,vada-pav etc.Being originally from Bengal I am a born rice lover.But slowly and slowly I started developing the …


Lemon mint grilled prawns

This is a recipe which is mild spicy and full of flavors .Because of mint the dish is refreshing .you can serve this as a starter in any party or get together or as a side dish to rotis or naans.My daughter just loves prawn .this recipe is an instant hit at my home.   …

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