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Bong Connection Chicken

Murgir Dom(Dum Chicken curry)

This is  a traditional chicken curry cooked the Bengali way.During my childhood around 30 to 40 years back the  poultry concept was not so predominant.In contrast local country hen was used for making authentic Bengali curries.The meat contained more flavor and the curries contain less spices compared to chicken cooked  in the Mughlai way.Bengali cooking …


Prawns in tomato basil and lime sauce

There are some days when I will love to make myself happy..and I think everyone should have the opportunity to do .We are always cooking and love to see smiles  on the face of our family members,guests,relatives,colleagues ,neighbors,sometimes friends ,sometimes virtual  friends and the list goes longer. If I start doing  an analysis ,I think …


Grilled Goan fish ambotic

This is a Goan fish recipe which is generally prepared by  cooking a curry.But sometimes we need something different and what is more exciting than grilling with a traditional recipe.My choice of fish was mackarel which was marinated and full of flavors. and This fish has its own strong taste retains its own flavor even …

chicken mango stir fry

Chicken Mango stir fry

This is a quick chicken recipe full of flavor due to the addition of Mango.You can serve it as a side dish to fried rice or any flat breads. I recommend the mango should be sweet and sour and not too sweet. Ingredients 1.Chicken boneless(200 gm) 2.Garlic (3 to 4 cloves) 3.Green chilies (3 to …


How to make Indian prawn curry soup

The  serene palm fringed beaches, along the west coast of India, are a home for beautiful villages where fishermen dwell.The profession of most of these villagers are mainly fishing or related to the coconut plantation . The Konkan belt and the Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg districts of Maharashtra has some of the best seafood recipes of India. …


Hong kong Chili Prawn

This is a Chinese style prawn curry which can be served as a side dish to Khao Pad rice or any other fried rice.It is very simple and easy to cook and requires minimum ingredients most of which are available in our kitchen.You can substitute prawns with chicken  and seafood stock with chicken stock to …

Raw mango fish curry

Raw Mango Fish curry

This is a dish which I prepared in style of a North African vegetarian raw mango curry.Raw Mangos are available in abundance in the market nowadays and the natural fragrance of raw mangos add flavor to any curries.It is good on your stomach ,helps to keep you cool on a hot summer day.The curry will …

prawn sweet and sour

Sweet and sour GarlicChilly Prawn

There may be many variant of this recipe in different countries .But this recipe came out very well and the dish looked great.The dish has flavor from red chilies and garlic and looks nice red in color. You can prepare this dish in special occasions and earn accolades. Ingredients 1.6 to 8 Jumbo prawns. 2.Lemon …

Green herb chicken curry

Green herb chicken curry

I think this is the quickest chicken recipes I ever made.I am in a lot of hurry in the morning when I have to leave for college,pack my child’s tiffin and also prepare something for the lunch .Sometimes I get up late and I hardly have 30 minutes in hand to do all of these …


Crab curry with egg

I read this recipe in a book by the late author “Bela Dey”.I have been trying this recipe for years and it has always been popular with the guests. The recipe gives an exotic taste to this seafood. Try it and let me know whether you liked it or not.   Ingredients: Crab qty: at …


Butter Chicken Masala

This is a classic Indian dish and one of my favorites.I love cooking this dish as it has some inherent flavor and even if you miss any ingredient it never turns out wrong.It will always taste good ,your guests will be impressed and will ask you the recipe of the same.There are many ways in …


Chicken Sukha

It is a semi dry chicken recipe which can be served with bread,roti ,naans or bhakri.There are two special ingredients here,which adds to the flavour of chicken .Poppy seeds paste which is used in  Hyderabadi cuisines  and tamarind which is used to add sour taste to the dish Ingredients 1.Chicken (With bones or boneless) 2.Onions …


Chicken Kolhapuri

 This is a traditional spicy dish which originates from the Kolhapur district of Maharashtra .Kolhapur is famous for its spices and dishes.Chilly garlic chutney,Misal pav,Keema pav and Mutton Kolhapuri are some of the famous dishes of Kolhapur.Though red spicy food are not among my favorites I accept that the dishes are extremely delicious and absolutely …


Peppery mint Mutton

It is inspired from Kashmiri dish “Mutton Roghan Josh” which is very popular across the world.The original authentic recipe from Kahmir  does not have onion,ginger ,garlic and mint leaves but I included them for an added flavour.The dish came out to be awesome.For the first time, I cooked mutton on slow flame for about one …


Prawns Teriyaki

I love experimenting with food and learn new techniques .Thus I came across this dish called teriyaki.Teriyaki is a cooking technique used in Japanese cuisine in which foods are broiled or grilled with a glaze of soy sauce, mirin, and sugar.Mirin is an essential ingredient  used in Japanese cuisine. It is a kind of rice …

chili garlic fish

Chili Garlic Fish

I had this preparation in a restaurant in kolkata which i tried to imitate and make a interesting and mouth watering recipe .the main ingredient is boneless fish fillets of basa, bhetki or any other fish if you get. Main ingredient Basa fish fillets (200 gms)  Marination Green chilies(4 chopped) depending on how much spicy …