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Breakfast Vegetarian

Grilled Peas sandwich

Green peas are popular food during Winter season Because of their attractive color ,sweet taste and starchy texture.Besides being full of antioxidants green peas contain phytonutrients which can serve as a protection against stomach cancer.This is a very interesting filling which is generally used traditionally for stuffing flat breads but in this recipe the same …

Breakfast Vegetarian

Grilled vegetable mozzarella sandwich

The sandwich is stuffed with one’s choice of veggies and mozzarella cheese.It is nutritional filling and beautiful looking dish per cfect for a Sunday breakfast or brunch. Ingredients 1.Lettuce(torn with hand ) 2.Tomato(sliced) 3.Onion(sliced) 4.Green bell peppers(sliced finely) 5.Red Black pepper(sliced finely) 6.Yellow bell pepper(sliced finely) 7.Cucumber (sliced) 8.Chilly flakes(1 tsp) 9.Black pepper(1 tbsp) 10.Lemon …

Breakfast Vegetarian

Afghan bolani

Bolani is a stuffed flat-bread which originally hails from Afghanistan which is stuffed with vegan fillings such as potatoes,spinach etc.But it has many variants made in Western countries where meat fillings are also used. The Afghans prepare bolanis on special occasions or festivals and also when they need elaborate breakfasts.It is also served as an …

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