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My childhood was spent at South Kolkata ,in West Bengal in a joint family of 22 members .While I was a kid , I  loved the traditional flavors cooked at home and was totally brought up on home cooking  by my mom,grand mom and aunts.

My family originally belonged to East Bengal,Dhaka from the un-partitioned Bengal era before independence and I  love my family traditions set up by my grand-mom,to respect the ingredients and avoid wastage.In our kitchen during my childhood delicious dishes were made from vegetable peels. Even the peels of green peas were not wasted.Delicious curries were made from the the vegetables like  arum roots,stems ,leaves ,roots almost all parts of the plants.We had a separate vegetarian kitchen only for my grand-mom as she was a widow and will not eat even onion,garlic,red lentils in her vegetarian food.

Bengalis are fish lovers and the memories of  traditional feasts during the family get-togethers are now precious to me.There are fishes like Chital,Ilish ,shankar ,boal which are difficult to find outside Bengal.I really miss those days.

I am also inspired by my mom’s cooking who was an avid reader of food magazines and would often twist the traditional recipes to give a modern flavor to it .she was criticized those days for changing the authentic recipes but it all would turn out to be really delicious and finally everyone will eat happily.

After marriage for the first time I got ingredients and tools to work with .I was  21, was studying MCA and has to cook for my husband and sometimes for my mother in law ,guests and relatives.There was expectations ,pressure and then I found my passion.I quite easily can combine ingredients available from my pantry and create a tasty dish.Very few of my experiments failed as of now.My father was my greatest motivation in my cooking as he will always appreciate my dish and he will give tips to improve it.He was very knowledgeable and used to share food stories from his childhood .

I was staying in Hyderabad after marriage and then settled in Mumbai,my husband was a Bengali from Jamshedpur ,so slowly over years I took efforts and learnt a variety of  regional cuisines and cook for my family.We also used to go out to have food outside home at least once an week and I got the exposure to learn.

I am a working woman and was working throughout since I got married.I worked in various corporate companies and finally took up academics as my career.Besides working in a college as a lecturer teaching Computer science for degree students ,I  cook daily breakfast,lunch,dinner and even tiffin for my daughter like any other married woman.Cooking is more than a hobby ,a passion and a stress buster for me,it is my life.

After my daughter was born ,I stared taking interest in baking.I make it a point to prepare homemade cakes on her birthday and also share baked goodies with my friends and colleagues.I have a special fancy towards healthy baking and I do bake with wholewheat grains and dates and jaggery etc.I also love to take baking workshops at home

I started this blog with the intention of uploading some teaching materials for my students initially,hence the name “indrani-will-teach”.It was not meant to be a  food blog but as my destiny ,I started sharing recipes in Google+ and got great response.Google+ was a great platform for me to improve as a blogger and I am still in this journey of writing,expressing thoughts and sharing my experience and love to the world through this wonderful platform of blogging.Do check my Google+ profile for amazing collections of recipes.

My recipes are mostly fusion and innovative kinds as I am a working woman and I always don’t have the privilege of filling my pantry with all the necessary ingredients so I to try to make tasty dishes with whatever I have at home.Please do comment if you like or dislike my blog and let me know if you have any feedback of suggestions for me through which I can improve and reach out to more people.

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