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Simple fritata

 I tried out the simple Frittata recipe by +Afner Hernández as yesterday evening snack.It was easy ,healthy and awesome.I added some more vegetables,potatoes  and herbs to make it more filling.. My version:- Ingredients 1.Bok choy leaves (1 shredded) 2.Fresh Marjoram herb ( a bunch torn and chopped) 3.Thyme 4.Eggs(5) 5.Cheese (cut into small squares)cheddar 6.Tomato (1/2 …


Dimer devil(Battered fry deviled eggs)

Dimer devil(Dim is egg in Bengali) is a very popular Bengali street food which every Bengali will like to relish during any festivals ,parties or get together.During my college days, this was one of those few food which I liked to order again and again from the college canteen.There are many varieties which can be …


Laccha paratha

Lachha paratha is a multi layered North Indian Flatbread which is prepared in a creative way such that it is crispy and flaky outside and soft inside.If you want it soft inside you can add eggs.You can serve it with any vegetarian or novegetarian side dish.. Ingredients Refined wheat flour (2 cups) Eggs 2 Milk …

Egg Rice

Khao Pad Rice

This time on Bengali New year we decided to try some new food.So we went to a restaurant near Seven Bunglows ,Andheri in Mumbai named “Dimsum”.We had Khao pad  rice with Honkong chilly chicken over Dinner in the same restaurant.While the flavours are still fresh I wanted to cook the dish once so made it …

Breakfast Egg

Potato egg toast

Providing kids with a filling and nutritious snacks for their school tiffin is a challenge.During the morning among the hustle and bustle you often have to follow your instincts and cook with whatever is ready at hand.This recipe is a fusion of the Maharashtrian Bread pakora and french toast.The French toast contains sugar and vanilla …

Egg Pasta

gnocchi in red sauce

Gnocchi are a form of dumplings,which is a part of Mediterranean cuisine but it is popular in the whole Europe.It has a similarity with Rajasthani Gatte ki sabzi. Bu gnocchi can be made with or without eggs.It is cooked like pasta.This is my first attempt with gnocchi and I am sharing the recipe with you.I hope the quality …

stuffed chicken peas parcels

Minced Chicken egg kebab

I invented this recipe when suddenly my husband’s friends decided to visit our home with kids  and I have to decide on an appetizer instantly.This recipe is very easy and simple.only thing you need to have a mixture grinder at home.No need for marination…nothing.Only grind and fry     Main Ingredient Boneless chicken (450 gms) Green …

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