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prawn roll

Prawn Pancake roll

This is an excellent snacks recipe which can be served during tea time or as a tiffin for the kids.It is a popular recipe in Goa.The recipe involves wrapping spicy prawn mixture by  soft thin pancakes .These small delicious parcels oozing flavors are aromatic as well as filling .I will like to thank for this …


KingFish Fry(Malvani style)

This is a specialty of Malvan region of Maharashtra.The cuisine of this region involves the usage of spices like red chillies,a sour fruit called kokkum,tamarind and green sichuan pepper called locally as tirphal.The region is populated with people who belong to the fishermen community also called kolis. This is a very popular dish of this …


Crispy Coconut Chicken fry

This is a very simple homemade chicken fry which is beautifully crispy and has a  flavor of coconut in the crispy coating.I just discovered this recipe by chance and I haven’t googled to check that whether such a recipe exist or not.But I am completely satisfied by its taste and I am ready to make …


Potato Fish balls with spicy peanut sauce

These are wonderful starters which I made specially for the Foodies+ community Tapas month. I have like minded ,sweet  friends in the community  who appreciate and try recipes and share their knowledge about various International cuisines.Above all I really love to post here and browse recipes in the cookbook. This recipe is dedicated to the …


Grilled Goan fish ambotic

This is a Goan fish recipe which is generally prepared by  cooking a curry.But sometimes we need something different and what is more exciting than grilling with a traditional recipe.My choice of fish was mackarel which was marinated and full of flavors. and This fish has its own strong taste retains its own flavor even …


Chicken malai kebab

These are soft juicy tender spicy yet  white kebabs marinated in creamy spicy paste.These can be served as a starter in any party ,festivals or get togethers.These are also rightily known as “reshmi kebab”.The word “Resham” in Hindi ,means  silk .This kebab is known for its  silky soft texture. The quality of meat is very …



      Momo is a Tibetan recipe which can be a one pot meal. It is similar to Japanese gyozas and Chinese dimsums, Momo word derived from Chinese word meaning “Steamed bread” has a filling from ground meat. It is a common street snacks in Nepal, Tibet and the Himalayan regions of Northern India. …


Fish koliwada recipe

As I am Bengali ,I definitely love to eat fishes,But I am not among those people for whom fish and rice occupy the topmost priorities in food.I dont like the strong smell of the sea fishes,so I generally go for fish fillets which can be marinated and can absorb the flavors of the spices and …


Lemon mint grilled prawns

This is a recipe which is mild spicy and full of flavors .Because of mint the dish is refreshing .you can serve this as a starter in any party or get together or as a side dish to rotis or naans.My daughter just loves prawn .this recipe is an instant hit at my home.   …


Pineapple Chicken Salad

This is a healthy and light recipe which one of my  friend has quickly suggested to me. It is spicy, crunchy, juicy, sweet and sour  and delicious. It can be a one pot meal or a filling for a tasty sandwich. My sincere and hearty thanks to her(Viana) for this wonderful recipe which I modified …

Chital machher muitha

Chital macher muitha recipe

Chital or clown knife fish is a very special type of fish available in Asian countries.It is a type of carnivorous freshwater fish which feeds on other small fishes.The preparation is exotic and the specialty lies in the flesh of the fish which hardens when it gets cooked.The flesh becomes chewy and elastic and is …

Breakfast Egg

Potato egg toast

Providing kids with a filling and nutritious snacks for their school tiffin is a challenge.During the morning among the hustle and bustle you often have to follow your instincts and cook with whatever is ready at hand.This recipe is a fusion of the Maharashtrian Bread pakora and french toast.The French toast contains sugar and vanilla …

Fish Other Baking

Baked Pineapple Fish

My family loves fish meals ,so innovative recipes of fish is a necessity.Combining fish with fruits makes it stand out.The fruit provides its natural color ,aroma and sweetness to the dish.This recipe is also an innovation when there was a cut pineapple in my refrigerator and fish fillets left  to be cooked.Fish and vegetables can …

Grilled lemon fish
Fish Recipe Seafood

Grilled lemon fish

  I had a get-together at my home a week back and after that there was a Basa fish fillet left in my freezer yet to be cooked.Instead of going for regular fish fries or fish fingers I thought of making grilled fish which was a healthier option .Grilled fish and Chips can make a …


Fiery grilled chicken

Chicken Curry cut pieces were there in my freezer .With that I wanted to make an interesting dinner quickly.So I decided to go for grilled chicken and this time I did it on the cooking gas oven directly over the flames and the dish was far more tasty than it looked. Ingredients 1.Chicken cut pieces …

stuffed chicken peas parcels

Minced Chicken egg kebab

I invented this recipe when suddenly my husband’s friends decided to visit our home with kids  and I have to decide on an appetizer instantly.This recipe is very easy and simple.only thing you need to have a mixture grinder at home.No need for marination…nothing.Only grind and fry     Main Ingredient Boneless chicken (450 gms) Green …


Stuffed chicken breasts

Sharing a recipe which is innovative,easy and delicious.   Main Ingredient 4 to 5 boneless chicken breasts Marination Juice of 1 and half lemon Salt Turmeric Kashmiri Chili powder Mustard oil Stuffing Boneless chicken pieces and grated paneer Coriander leaves a bunch Green chilies (4 to 5) Process Step 1:Make incisions in the chicken breasts …

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