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cream of peas
Recipe Vegetarian

Cream of peas soup

This creamy soup is perfect  as an appetizer on a chilly winter night .Green peas are high in protein and keep your body warm during the cold season. They also work as antioxidants in detoxifying your body. I prefer to make this soup with fresh green peas and not the canned or frozen ones. Ingredients …

Breakfast Vegetarian

Grilled Peas sandwich

Green peas are popular food during Winter season Because of their attractive color ,sweet taste and starchy texture.Besides being full of antioxidants green peas contain phytonutrients which can serve as a protection against stomach cancer.This is a very interesting filling which is generally used traditionally for stuffing flat breads but in this recipe the same …


Peas Chicken

I  recently had this wonderful invention in my kitchen where I made a chicken curry with fresh green peas sauce. It had lend a slightly sweet taste and nutty rich texture and beautiful natural color to the dish. Those who hesitate to try something new  fearing failure can also go for this dish as the …

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