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Edamame dimsum recipe

Edamame is tender soybeans which are boiled in pods and are available as frozen. Had these beautiful transparent and chewy dumplings with a soft refreshing filling several times in a 5-star restaurant buffet. It’s time to make these at home from scratch. I found these frozen edamame dumplings sold by Gadre. They are soft tender …

mirchi vada
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Indian monsoon snacks

We are all aware of seasonal food cravings. Specially during the rainy season, we crave for consuming fried foods and often indulge in roadside deep-fried snacks (collection of street food recipes). Medically the source of this cravings may be due to the dip in the level of serotonin in our blood stream during the rainy …

Mung bean pancakes
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Mung bean pancakes

I discovered these pancakes while watching Asian street food documentary in Netflix . Loved these beautiful thick cakes being deep fried dunked in hot oil to be crispy and golden brown hue on the outside. Moong dal chillas are quite common in Indian households but we make it thin and shallow fry with little oil …

Recipe Vegan Vegetarian

Orange salad is an amazing salad which can be served during any festive dinner including Christmas.It is sweet and sour and mild spicy due to the addition of garlic.Its also juicy with a hint of flavor from the greens and this pretty authentic salad from France  and many more dishes like this can make your Christmas …

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Raw banana burger patties

Banana is an amazing fruit with so many health benefits but unripe bananas also make a range of tasty food which you can intake for good health.if you have some kind of food poisoning and stomach infections result in loose motion and severe pain in the lower abdominal area a traditional childhood remedy was boiled …


Batata vada-Indian potato burger pattice

Vada pav is the most popular street food in Mumbai.People here ,are in love with “pav” which is a form of bread almost similar to burger buns and the food which are soaring in high demands are Pav-bhaji,misal-pav,vada-pav etc.Being originally from Bengal I am a born rice lover.But slowly and slowly I started developing the …

papaya pineapple
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Papaya Pineapple orange smoothie

This is a quick and easy drink fit for all ages.It includes the miracle fruit Papaya which  has huge range of functions and benefits  starting from improving digestion ,lowering cholestrol,low in sugar content ,holding your youth and bringing beautiful glow to your  skin.The combination just creates magic together.Ingredients1.Ripe papaya(5 to 6 big pieces)2.Pineapple (2 to …

Potato chilli bites
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Chilli potato bites

I went to attend some seminar in Grand Hyatt Mumbai,where I happened to taste this dish which looked gorgeous and seemed easy to make during my busy schedules.So after I came home I gave  it a try.I am not sure whether the chef used the same ingredients or not but it is an interesting vegetarian …

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