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Moong dal recipe |5 best recipes with moong dal

In the Bengali culture Moong dal plays a very important role as it is primarily vegetarian and can be consumed during any Puja or festivals during which non vegetarian food is prohibited. Another lentils called Masoor dal which is pink in color falls under the category of Non-vegetarian food according to our culture. The reason behind this may be due to the heating property of Masoor dal or red lentils as per ancient Indian Ayurveda .

In contrast yellow moong dal due to its alkaline properties has a cooling effect on the body during the summer and is perfect for individuals of any age including infants.

Yellow moong dal benefits

Moong dal stands out as a nutrient-rich powerhouse, providing an abundant reserve of essential vitamins and minerals, specially vitamin B9, commonly known as Folate. Folate plays an instrumental role in DNA synthesis and the nurturing of cells, important for expectant mothers, as it helps in the development of the fetus in the mother’s womb . Moreover the lentil is also rich in minerals like iron, magnesium, and potassium, each playing an irreplaceable role in the transport of oxygen, smooth functioning of muscles, and the regulation of blood pressure. Moong dal also boasts a generous supply of plant-based proteins and a wealth of antioxidants.

Another important attribute of moong dal is its low glycemic index (GI), a quality that signifies its minimal impact on blood sugar levels. This is specifically important to people who are prone to diabetes.

Is it good to eat moong dal daily?

Moong dal is a rich source of protein and is light , so it can accompany carbohydrates every day. Incorporating this in your diet everyday will enable you to live a fit and healthy life.

What dishes are made from moong dal?

Moong dal dhokla

How to make a dhokla | Moong dal corn dhokla
I prepared this moong dal dhokla made of yellow lentils and sweet corns. Dhokla is a snack which hails from the state of Gujarat but is a very popular vegetarian street food all over India. It is generally bought from the sweet shops which sell sweets as well as savory snacks. It is loved by the masses as its gluten free and steamed instead of the popular fried snacks.
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Moong dal pithe

Moog Dal er Pitha (Moong Dal dumplings)
The dumpling is made of lentils mixed with rice flour, It can be served hot as a starter after deep frying in mustard oil or dipped in sugar syrup of one string consistency.
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Poush sankranti

Moong dal Khichuri

Kacha moong daler khichuri(Rice and lentils cassarole with vegetables)
This is a special vegetarian one pot meal which is cooked during the festivals ,holy ceremonies or can be a delicious meal for the has a heavenly aroma.This post is specially for Foodies community and  I am posting a meal for the infants. For the adults one can make it spicy and for kids keep it simple but yet it is,flavorful,aromatic and delicious.You can feed this to a child from 6 months daughter still now loves this meal in any form.
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Moong daler khichudi

Moong bean pancakes

Mung beans pancake
Vegetarian dairy free vegan pancakes made of yellow lentils prepared in Korean style with spices
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Mung bean pancakes

Moong dal with bitter gourds

Titar dal (Lentils with bitter gourd)
This dal is prepared during the Summer to keep our body cool,the bottle gourd and bitter gourds added in this dal are cold food according to ancient ayurveda which helps keeping your body cool under scorchy hot sun.
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Ma er Tetor Dal ~ Dal with Bitter Gourd


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