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Prawn vindaloo
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Prawn vindaloo recipe

The word vindaloo is a derived from the name popular Portuguese dish “carne de vinha d’alhos”  which meant meat marinated in wine-vinegar and garlic.This is a traditional Goan recipe with Portuguese influence ,a spicy sweet and sour curry. In Goa traditional palm vinegar and toddy is used in the recipe which is substituted with white wine and …

Machher shukta
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Machher shukto

Shukto or Shukta is a vegetarian recipe which has become a traditional delicacy from Bengal prepared only during weddings or any other big family gatherings or festivals. It is a complicated dish which needs elaborate preparation and has become a lost recipe nowadays rarely cooked in Bengali homes. I learnt this recipe after marriage ,though …

prawn sweet and sour

Sweet and sour GarlicChilly Prawn

There may be many variant of this recipe in different countries .But this recipe came out very well and the dish looked great.The dish has flavor from red chilies and garlic and looks nice red in color. You can prepare this dish in special occasions and earn accolades. Ingredients 1.6 to 8 Jumbo prawns. 2.Lemon …