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Watermelon apple cooler

This juice works wonders for your body before you go out in the sun and work for the whole day. You don’t really need ice for cooling as this juice is in itself a body cooler. More than 90% of the fruit watermelon contains water which is essential for retaining the water content of our …



      Momo is a Tibetan recipe which can be a one pot meal. It is similar to Japanese gyozas and Chinese dimsums, Momo word derived from Chinese word meaning “Steamed bread” has a filling from ground meat. It is a common street snacks in Nepal, Tibet and the Himalayan regions of Northern India. …

Fish Other Baking

Baked Pineapple Fish

My family loves fish meals ,so innovative recipes of fish is a necessity.Combining fish with fruits makes it stand out.The fruit provides its natural color ,aroma and sweetness to the dish.This recipe is also an innovation when there was a cut pineapple in my refrigerator and fish fillets left  to be cooked.Fish and vegetables can …