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      Momo is a Tibetan recipe which can be a one pot meal. It is similar to Japanese gyozas and Chinese dimsums, Momo word derived from Chinese word meaning “Steamed bread” has a filling from ground meat. It is a common street snacks in Nepal, Tibet and the Himalayan regions of Northern India. …

Bong Connection Mutton

Mutton gravy with papaya

Papaya is a magic vegetable which can be consumed in both ripe and  green unripe form.But unlike the ripe papaya which can be consumed as a fruit,the unripe papaya needs to be cooked.It has a collection of enzymes papain and chymopapain which can improve your digestion converts proteins into essential amino acids, cleanses the colon.It …

12 secret tips to making the best ever sponge cake. Advantages of overseas domestic helper.