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Momo is a Tibetan recipe which can be a one pot meal.It is similar to Japanese gyozas and Chinese dimsums, momo word derived from chinese word meaning “Steamed bread” has a filling from ground meat .It is a common street snacks in Nepal, Tibet and the Himalayan regions of Northern India.This is my childhood favorite.My …


Peppery mint Mutton

It is inspired from Kashmiri dish “Mutton Roghan Josh” which is very popular across the world.The original authentic recipe from Kahmir  does not have onion,ginger ,garlic and mint leaves but I included them for an added flavour.The dish came out to be awesome.For the first time, I cooked mutton on slow flame for about one …

Bong Connection Mutton

Mutton gravy with papaya

Papaya is a magic vegetable which can be consumed in both ripe and  green unripe form.But unlike the ripe papaya which can be consumed as a fruit,the unripe papaya needs to be cooked.It has a collection of enzymes papain and chymopapain which can improve your digestion converts proteins into essential amino acids, cleanses the colon.It …