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10 best indian mutton recipes | Mutton recipes in bengali style

Bengalis are notorious mutton lovers. By mutton we really mean male goat’s meat. Its been a old culture and tradition to sacrifice male goat in front the Goddess Kali and the offering is distributed to the devotees to be cooked. According to research goat meat contributes to 65% of red meat consumed worldwide.It is popular in many Asian countries, Middle East and also Carribean islands. While consuming too much of goat meat or any red meat can be health trouble for people with cholesterol and high blood pressure problems ,it has its own health benefits.

Health benefits of goat meat

  • Rich in protein helps you to maintain good health
  • It contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid ,a fatty acid which prevents cancer and is anti inflammatory
  • Rich in dietery iron
  • It has low sodium levels compared to other red meats.
  • Goat meat is rich in Calcium and good for bone health.
  • It is good for kids ,improve brain health


1.Mutton rezala

Mutton rezala
This is another mutton dish which is a part of Mughlai cuisine in Bengal .The dish is characterized by a light soupy whitish  rich gravy due to the addition of white poppy seeds paste and cashew nuts paste .You can serve the dish with steamed rice or naans..
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mutton rezala

2.Mutton gravy with papaya

Mutton gravy with papaya
The mutton recipe which I am sharing makes a light mutton gravy which is extremely tasty and easy to digest.I am also adding a whole garlic into the gravy,which will add to the taste and even you can have that garlic after the dish is cooked or you can discard it.
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Mutton grave with papaya

3. Pathar bangla

Pathar bangla | Proshadi mangsho
This is a special bengali style mutton curry recipe cooked in special occasions .This meat was cooked in a way without onion and garlic which were considered untouchable vegetables  as far as God's offering is considered.This mutton curry was also known as "Prashadi manghso".This is a traditional curry cooked in the traditional way and only local vegetables were used.Tomatoes were not too much common in the curries of Bengal.
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mutton curry

4. Mangsher jhol

Mangsher jhol
The  pieces of lamb mutton melting in the mouth and a spicy not so oily or greasy gravy with the flavor of green chilies and a sharp zing of mustard oil fills your whole house and your neighbor's homes also with a aroma of meat while  this curry is cooking in your kitchen.You suddenly start feeling very very hungry and this curry is traditionally served with steamed rice but you can serve it with any Indian flat breads.
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5. Coriander mutton curry recipe

Coriander mutton curry recipe
This is a homemade typical Sunday lunch mutton curry relished with rice dominant with flavors of coriander. I thrown in a paste of coriander and green chili paste and the curry tasted amazing .
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Coriander mutton curry

6.Peppery mint Mutton

Peppery mint mutton |Mutton Roghan Josh
It is inspired from Kashmiri dish "Mutton Roghan Josh" which is very popular across the world.The original authentic recipe from Kashmir  does not have onion,ginger ,garlic and mint leaves but I included them for an added flavour.
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7. Bengali kosha mangsho

Bengali kosha mangsho
This recipe will lead to a rich textured meat ,resulting from cooking on a slow fire for a long time.
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Bengli kosha mangsho

8.Black pepper mutton curry

Morich Mangsho
A Bengali style mutton curry in a medium spicy gravy with the dominating flavor of black pepper.
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Black pepper mutton curry

9.palak mutton curry

Palak mutton recipe
This is an intriguing mutton gravy with the goodness of spinach and flavors from the Indian whole spices.
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palak mutton

10. Indian lamb roast


Indian Lamb Roast (Thakurdar Nona Gosht)
The preparation for this grand dish begins 15 days before Christmas when the leg of a male goat or lamb is marinated in a rich sauce and then sealed in a clay pot. The sealed clay pot is then buried in a specially dug pit for 15 days. On Christmas day, the mutton leg is dug out and roasted. Thakurda in Bengali means “grandfather”, nona means “salty” and gosht means “meat”. The salty is a reference to the 15 days of curing the meat.
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