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Edamame dimsum recipe

Edamame is tender soybeans which are boiled in pods and are available as frozen. Had these beautiful transparent and chewy dumplings with a soft refreshing filling several times in a 5-star restaurant buffet. It’s time to make these at home from scratch. I found these frozen edamame dumplings sold by Gadre. They are soft tender …

chocolate easter eggs
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Chocolate easter eggs

Easter is a tradition followed to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, followed by his crucifixion and death on Good Friday. Recipes containing eggs or dishes with representations of eggs which symbolizes fertility and new life are prepared on Easter Sunday. This year I made these cute chocolate eggs during a Live …

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3 best recipes on Halloween party |Halloween dark history

Halloween is celebrated on the eve before the All-Saints Day in Europe to commemorate all saints of the Church who have attained heaven. The festival originated among the Celt, also spelled Kelt which is a community of Indo-European tribe spread all across Europe. They are the ancient occupants of Britain and Ireland. Why do we celebrate Halloween? This …

10 soup recipes
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10 soup recipes

Soup is a comfort heart warming meal during any time of the day. Specially during a winter morning it can really make you feel safe, comfortable and brighten your day. Historically the age of soup dates back to 20000 BC when it was considered to be a filling one pot meal with all ingredients boiled …

millet pancake

Top 10 pancake recipes

pancakes are American classic breakfast drizzled with maple syrup ,honey butter and topped with fruits and nuts or cheese. In ancient Greece and Rome pancakes were made from wheat flour ,olive oil ,honey and curdled milk. American pancakes are often made gluten free with buckwheat and corn meal. Indian pancakes are called chillas and even …

Mmango desserts
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Easy mango desserts

Mango is the king of all fruits and its juicy aromatic flavor and texture bring a magical and soothing experience during the scorching summer heat. In India different varieties of mangoes are grown locally, “Langra” and “Him Shagar” are two of my favorites. When I came to Mumbai, got introduced to “Alphonso” which in golden …

mango malpua
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Mango malpua

Mango is my favorite fruit and who doesn’t love this yellow gold during the Summer season which is a treat for the eyes and one’s taste buds. When I was a child we had mango trees in the neighborhood, and I used to love climbing trees and pluck mangoes or if the tree is protected …


Mohammad Ali Road Ramadan Food Stalls

Ramadan is the holy month for Muslims worldwide marked by fasting ,prayers and community gatherings. Mohammed Ali road in Mumbai is known for its vibrant atmosphere and delicious street food.There are numerous stalls and eateries offering a wide variety of authentic and modern dishes for iftar ( meal to break the fast). People from all …

bet app

Comprehensive Insight: BetAndreas Bangladesh App

BetAndreas is rapidly making a name for itself among Bangladeshi players seeking a reliable online betting platform. The application prides itself on a well-rounded sportsbook that caters to a variety of preferences, extending from cricket, a national passion, to football, tennis, and even e-sports. The online casino section is not to be overshadowed, offering an …

10 best egg recipes for breakfast
Egg Recipe

Healthy egg breakfast recipes

Eggs are a nutritious and versatile food, and having them for breakfast can offer several health benefits. Here are some reasons why including eggs in your morning meal can be beneficial: 1. High in protein 2. Rich in nutrients 3. Brain health 4. Eye health 5. Weight management 6. Low in calories 7. Versatility   …

beetroot recipes
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Good beetroot recipes

Beetroots are a nutritional powerhouse, loaded with essential nutrients like folate, manganese, potassium, vitamin C, and fiber. They act as antioxidants, fighting off harmful elements and reducing inflammation. Good for the heart, beetroots lower blood pressure and diminish the risk of heart issues. Ideal for exercise, beetroot juice enhances stamina and reduces fatigue. They may …

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Winter vegetable recipes

In India, the availability of vegetables varies depending on the region and climate. Winter vegetables in India are generally those that thrive in cooler temperatures and are cultivated during the winter season. Here are some common winter vegetables that are popular in various parts of India: Leafy greens 1. Leafy Greens: Sarson (Mustard Greens): Commonly …

lavash and hummus
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Lavash with hummus

My fascination towards hummus and pita bread developed during my trip to Dubai. I was mesmerized by the beauty of this city, be the dessert or the beaches, and the freshness of the ingredients, their food is made of. I tried several recipes after returning home from Dubai trip, Mandi biryani, shakshuka, kuboos and hummus. …

chicken chaap
Bong Connection Chicken Recipe

Chicken chaap

Chicken chaap is one of the Mughlai delicacies which became popular in Bengal during the rule of Nawabs in Bengal. It has been an intricate part of the food popular during the Bengali festivals like Durga puja. The Biryani and chicken chaap are the most cherished food combination served as part of the traditional Mughlai …

mirchi vada
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Indian monsoon snacks

We are all aware of seasonal food cravings. Specially during the rainy season, we crave for consuming fried foods and often indulge in roadside deep-fried snacks (collection of street food recipes). Medically the source of this cravings may be due to the dip in the level of serotonin in our blood stream during the rainy …

boondi laddu
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How to make boondi laddu

This are beautiful, sweet treats made of chickpea flour, dunked in sugar syrup and made into balls. Each bite is a blend of aromatic flavors, rolled in dried fruits. These are consumed as temple food or prasad offered to the Lord. The chickpea flour batter is passed through a sieve and deep fried to form …

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Taste of America seminar

It was a beautiful morning at the Club, Mumbai,when I arrived at this seminar organized by USDA in collaboration with FBAI on 16th December 2022. There was hustle bustle and excitement all around and we were all excited to learn about the nutritional benefits and Nitty-gritty of cultivation of these superfoods which have revolutionized the …

walnut brownie
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Gluten free walnut brownie recipe

These gooey delicious healthy brownies are topped with California walnuts which are top quality walnuts grown in the fertile soils of California’s Central Valley. The Walnut production at California contributes to 2/3rd of the total Walnut trade worldwide. Nutritional benefits of California Walnut They are excellent source of: Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) Plant-based omega-3 fatty acid …

pork rice dumplings
pork Recipe

Pork Sweet Rice Flour Dumplings

This is a fusion recipe which is inspired from various recipes, we have a number of traditional Indian recipes which uses the rice flour for making dumplings. But these dumplings are mostly sweet prepared during the festivals, or the harvesting season filled with sweetened coconut fillings. One of the rice dumplings with sweet fillings which …

gluten free pumpkin chocolate brownies

Gluten free chocolate pumpkin brownies

This recipe will make 10 square brownies gluten free and nutritious with the goodness of millets , organic jaggery and seasonal pumpkin. The pumpkin puree in addition to the spices and extra sweetness and softness to the brownies. The brownies are not dry. They are melt into mouth delicacies chocolaty and perfect for Halloween celebration …

Karela chaat

Karela chat

Chaat is a popular Indian street food which appeals to the masses. The sweet spicy and tangy flavors imparted by the chaats sold by street side vendors are mouthwatering. In this post  the author has prepared a chaat using bitter gourd. Bitterness is one of the six tastes mentioned in ancient Ayurveda and essentially should …

Korean fried chicken

Korean fried chicken

I am fascinated by the Korean cuisine and the inspiration is my daughters love for K-pop followed by Korean Drama, Korean language and Korean food. Its an established story that children are the decision makers in the family and she made me fall in love with Korean food and Korean fried chicken is one of …

prawn biryani
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Prawn Biryani

This is a rustic quick biryani prepared in Malvani style. Malvan is a coastal town in the Sindhudurg district of Maharastra, surrounded by the blue Arabian sea and bordered by the green lace of coconut trees. Being coastal town seafood and coconut are an inevitable part of the cuisine. This biryani is more like a …

Mandi chicken biryani
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Mandi biryani

Mandi is a traditional dish originated in Yemen consists of meat and rice cooked in a pit resembling a clay oven or tandoor. The word Mandi is derived from the Arabian word ‘Nudaa’ meaning ‘Dew’ owing to the soft texture of the meat. I had the opportunity to taste this dish in Dubai during a …