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3 best recipes on Halloween party |Halloween dark history

Halloween is celebrated on the eve before the All-Saints Day in Europe to commemorate all saints of the Church who have attained heaven. The festival originated among the Celt, also spelled Kelt which is a community of Indo-European tribe spread all across Europe. They are the ancient occupants of Britain and Ireland.

Why do we celebrate Halloween?

This day which marked the end of summer and the harvest and the beginning of the dry season, dark, cold winter, a time of year which was often associated with human death. On November 1st the new year is assumed to start, and all saint’s day is celebrated.

This period was considered a time when the boundary separating the physical world from the spiritual realm became exceptionally thin, enabling spirits and supernatural entities to cross over into the mortal plane.

One of the most renowned figures linked to Samhain festival (festival celebrating the beginning of Winter, 1st day of November) was the Celtic deity of the dead, referred to as “Cernunnos” or “The Horned God.” Often depicted with antlers, this deity played a significant role in guiding spirits between these two realms.

What is the history of dressing up for Halloween?

The day before the Celts celebrated the Samhain’s festival which celebrated the rise of the dead from the earth to visit their homes. On this day Bonfires are lighted to ward off the evil spirit and wear masks and disguises to avoid being recognized by the evil spirits.

Why Do You Say, “Trick or Treat”?

Literally the phrase means that if a candy is given to the child, when a child visits a house on Halloween, the child will not do a mischief to the owner of the house. The custom of trick-or-treating may have developed from a practice known as “souling“, which is a practice of singing and saying prayers for the dead in return of food. This tradition was believed to safeguard the living from potential vengeful spirits that might wander on Samhain night.

Pumpkin chocolate brownies

Gluten free pumpkin chocolate brownies
These are moist fudgy melt into mouth brownies ,gluten free and sweetened with organic jaggery
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gluten free pumpkin chocolate brownies

Savory pumpkin pie

Savory pumpkin pie | jack o lantern pumpkin pie recipe
I prepared the pumpkin filling inspired from a traditional Indian pumpkin side dish which pairs well with bread and it tasted delicious as a Pie too .There were no leftovers.
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pumpkin pie

Pumpkin cupcakes

Pumpkin cupcakes
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Christmas pumpkin cupcake


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