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Chicken Recipe

chicken do pyaza

This is my childhood comfort recipe to cook.During my teens whenever I wanted to cook for the guests or my friends ,I used to cook this one as it is a sure shot hit and every body will praise about you.Oh! how I used to love that! Even now I don’t need to refer to …

murg musallam
Bong Connection Chicken Recipe

murg musallam

Murg musallam is an authentic Mughlai dish which is extremely popular  in Northern and Eastern part of India.Authentic  dish contains a roasted and marinated whole chicken stuffed with spices,prawns ,eggs or rice and then cooking it in a yoghurt based spicy gravy .Today I will teach a  royal dish which is still a favorite among …


Chicken liver stir fry with noodles

This is a fusion recipe which I made on my husband’s request .It  suddenly became a great hit in my house.The flavor of Indian curry powder with Chinese seasonings are absorbed  well into the main ingredients and the strong aroma filled the whole  house . Ingredients 1.Chicken liver and kidney(200 gm) 2.Onions (cut into large …


Palak paratha (Spinach flatbread)

Palak paratha or spinach paratha is a great way to integrate taste and health together in one dish.It is a wonderful way to include green in your kids diet specially when spinach is not favorite among the kids. These green color spinach paratha are very attractive to look at and they are wholesome and mouthwatering …


Laccha paratha

Lachha paratha is a multi layered North Indian Flatbread which is prepared in a creative way such that it is crispy and flaky outside and soft inside.If you want it soft inside you can add eggs.You can serve it with any vegetarian or novegetarian side dish.. Ingredients Refined wheat flour (2 cups) Eggs 2 Milk …

Egg Rice

Khao Pad Rice

This time on Bengali New year we decided to try some new food.So we went to a restaurant near Seven Bunglows ,Andheri in Mumbai named “Dimsum”.We had Khao pad  rice with Honkong chilly chicken over Dinner in the same restaurant.While the flavours are still fresh I wanted to cook the dish once so made it …



Bhakri is a special type of roti made with rice.It is made is different parts of india in different ways .Rice can be substituted with different grains like Jowar(Sorghum),Bajra(Millet) etc.The procedure to make bhakri is little complicated because it is made with gluten free substitute so it is difficult to knead.Wheat binds easily but if …



I became a fan of this recipe at once when I had this in College canteen.Its favourite among the students.We make khichdi at home which is made by cooking rice in dal but this seemed different.The dish is not very dry and does not need any accompaniment and its a filler and full of health.So …

Chicken Rice

Brown Rice Chicken Risotto

I had bought some brown rice a couple of months back ,thinking about good health ,more fibre and less calories.But my family discarded its taste.It takes long time to cook and doesn’t taste as good as normal polished rice which we generally use daily.So I thought to make some innovative recipe which appeals to them. …



There are endless benefits of this purple vegetable called Eggplant (in US ) or Brinjal( in India). We also call it “baigan” which means without any value but in contrast it is a rich source of vitamins and minerals and is an important food for the brain. Eggplant also contains important Phytonutrients, many which have …

Egg Pasta

gnocchi in red sauce

Gnocchi are a form of dumplings,which is a part of Mediterranean cuisine but it is popular in the whole Europe.It has a similarity with Rajasthani Gatte ki sabzi. Bu gnocchi can be made with or without eggs.It is cooked like pasta.This is my first attempt with gnocchi and I am sharing the recipe with you.I hope the quality …

Methi rice

Methi Rice

  Methi is a green leafy vegetable used readily in India and is known for its medicinal properties.It is extremely useful for digestion and is good for diabetes not withstanding the fact that  it is little bitter to taste and may not be liked by kids.But my today’s recipe tastes good  and is healthy.You can …

Rice Vegetarian

Spinach Rice Indian Recipe

Spinach is a wonderful green-leafy vegetable and full of anti oxidants.It is also considered to be anti cancerous.Feeding spinach or palak to kids is a big challenge.So I decided to make this recipe palak rice on a weekend ,which is so wonderful and full of nutrition and my daughter just loved it. Benefits of Spinach …

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