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American chopsuey
Egg Recipe

American chopsuey recipe

Instant noodles deep fried crispy layered with soy based vegetarian gravy and topped with fried egg sunny side up . It is a fusion recipe invented by Chinese Americans in United states of America consists of crispy fried noodles soaked in soy based sweet and sour gravy.   Ingredients Main ingredient 1.1 pack of egg …

Indrani’s Kitchen | Tamagoyaki in round pan

This is a folded omlette or rolled omlette popular in Japanese bento boxes. It consists of a mixture of eggs spiced with soy sauce and sweetened with mirin and sake traditionally, I used sugar. The omlette has a soft texture and everyone will love this dish. The process is simple but needs practice .Watch the …

Egg biryani
Egg Recipe

Egg biryani

This is one pot meal with eggs and rice where eggs are cooked in spices and assembled with rice and whole spices and cooked in microwave. The egg curry and rice layer are cooked in microwave for 25 minutes in full powdered covered in a Borosil glass container and then uncovered for 5 minutes.   …

Egg Recipe

Fried masala eggs

This is a 20 to 25 -minute recipe and very delicious. You can serve this for lunch or dinner as a starter or main course. It is nutritous and protein rich due to the presence of boiled eggs as main ingredient. It can be served with roti or parathas or as a starter. Preparation : 10 …

Souffle omlette

Souffle omelet

This is a light fluffy airy omlette which is quite popular in Europe. The egg whites and egg yolks are beaten separately with salt  and cooked into an omelete. if you feel its little uncooked ,cover cook it for sometimes. The texture of the omelete is great and it just melts into your mouth.   …

Spinach borek
Egg pies Recipe

Spinach borek | Sailing to Albania

Albania is a small country within the Mediterranean sea with neighbouring countries like Greece and Italy. Geographically the country presents a wide diversity ranging from snowy mountainous regions to the hot sunny coastal plains. Albanian  cuisine  represents the Mediterranean cuisine which is not governed by a single culture or ethnicity but controlled by the climate …

stuffed egg
Chicken Egg Mutton Recipe

Keema stuffed egg(Egg dolma)

[social_share style=”bar” align=”horizontal” heading_align=”inline” text=”” heading=”” facebook=”1″ twitter=”1″ google_plus=”1″ linkedin=”1″ pinterest=”1″ link=”” /] This is originally a recipe from Hyderabad but  Dolma word is derived from the turkish word “dolmak” which means stuffed .Dolma refers to a family of stuffed vegetable dishes common in the Middle East.Dolma recipe is also common in Bengal where the …


Noodles spring rolls

It was one of those days when I had to leave very early in the morning and could not cook breakfast.My husband got  adventurous and decided to cook some noodles on his own.He is otherwise a fairly good cook.But when I came home ,I saw one big pot of leftover noodles stuck together with lot …


Dimer devil(Battered fry deviled eggs)

Dimer devil(Dim is egg in Bengali) is a very popular Bengali street food which every Bengali will like to relish during any festivals ,parties or get together.During my college days, this was one of those few food which I liked to order again and again from the college canteen.There are many varieties which can be …

Egg Rice

Khao Pad Rice

This time on Bengali New year we decided to try some new food.So we went to a restaurant near Seven Bunglows ,Andheri in Mumbai named “Dimsum”.We had Khao pad  rice with Honkong chilly chicken over Dinner in the same restaurant.While the flavours are still fresh I wanted to cook the dish once so made it …


Vegetable spicy omelette

Every mother all around the world is worried about the daily nutrition intake for her kids,specially during the time they spent in their school.Long time back when I used to teach in a school ,I used to see the real picture how the kids spent their lunch break.Most of them go to play leaving their …

Breakfast Egg


Providing kids with a filling and nutritious snacks for their school tiffin is a challenge.During the morning among the hustle and bustle you often have to follow your instincts and cook with whatever is ready at hand.This recipe is a fusion of the Maharashtrian Bread pakora and french toast.The French toast contains sugar and vanilla …

Egg Pasta

gnocchi in red sauce

Gnocchi are a form of dumplings,which is a part of Mediterranean cuisine but it is popular in the whole Europe.It has a similarity with Rajasthani Gatte ki sabzi. Bu gnocchi can be made with or without eggs.It is cooked like pasta.This is my first attempt with gnocchi and I am sharing the recipe with you.I hope the quality …