10 best egg recipes for breakfast
Egg Recipe

Healthy egg breakfast recipes

Eggs are a nutritious and versatile food, and having them for breakfast can offer several health benefits. Here are some reasons why including eggs in your morning meal can be beneficial:

1. High in protein
2. Rich in nutrients
3. Brain health
4. Eye health
5. Weight management
6. Low in calories
7. Versatility


1. Souffle omelet

Souffle omelete
This is a light fluffy airy omlette which is quite popular in Europe. The egg whites and egg yolks are beaten separately with salt  and cooked into an omelete. if you feel its little uncooked ,cover cook it for sometimes. The texture of the omelete is great and it just melts into your mouth.
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Souffle omlette


2. Tamagoyaki| Japanese style rolled omlette

This is a folded omlette or rolled omlette popular in Japanese bento boxes. It consists of a mixture of eggs spiced with soy sauce and sweetened with mirin and sake traditionally, I used sugar. The omlette has a soft texture and everyone will love this dish. The process is simple but needs practice .Watch the video.
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3. Breakfast egg muffins with chicken

Egg muffins with chicken
This is a very easy and nutritious snacks perfect for breakfast, brunch and dinner. It is proteins packed power breakfast with the goodness of eggs and chicken. I have a simple egg muffin recipe with veggies too. They make excellent appetizers and #kidsnacks
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Egg muffins with chicken


4. Easy shakshuka recipe

Shakshuka recipe
Poached egg simmered in tomato based rich flavorful sauce. generally served during breakfast.
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5. Egg potato basil sandwich

Egg potato basil sandwich
This is a simple breakfast sandwich made of fresh ingredients which can make your day healthy and full of energy.I loved the freshness of the greens and wholesomeness of multi grain bread along with the goodness of protein packed boiled eggs.
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basil sandwich


6. Omurice recipe

Omurice recipe
Omurice is a inverted scrambled omelette covering a bowl of chicken fried rice . It is a modern Japanese fusion dish which is quite popular in Asian countries outside Japan. Omurice, or Omuraisu as it’s pronounced in Japan is a combination of omelet and rice.
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Japanese rice omelet


7. Potato egg toast

Potato egg toast
This is a quick recipe, shallow frying bread ducked in egg and potato mixture.
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8. Vegetable masala omelette

How to make vegetable masala omelette
This is a colorful omelette made with vegetables and spices, filling and nutritious.
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9. Appam recipe and egg stew Kerala style

Appam recipe and egg stew Kerala style
Fluffy white round rice cakes thick at the center and thin crispy near the edges served with creamy coconut based egg curry
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10. Egg muffin cup recipe

Egg muffin cup recipe
This is a baked egg recipe which is baked in a muffin mold with all spices and can be served between burger breads for a healthy breakfast
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