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Peruvian chicken roast
Chicken Recipe

Peruvian roasted chicken

Peruvian chicken roast also known as Pollo a la Brasa and blackened chicken in USA is a popular dish of Peruvian cuisine. The dish originated in the Lima city of Peru. Authentically the chicken is only roasted with salt over charcoal barbecue and served with french fries and a spicy green sauce made with Aji …

chicken baked with vegetables
Baking frenzy Chicken

Baked Chicken with Vegetables

Sometimes you just dont feel like having a three course meal for lunch or want to have a quick dinner with balanced nutrition.This is an incredibly easy and customizable recipe which involves just marinating the chicken with spices and herbs and bake. Ingredients 500 gm boneless chicken breasts 1 onion grated 2 tbsp ginger garlic …

Breakfast Chicken

Crispy chicken fry

This is a crunchy fried chicken recipe which you can quickly make during any time of the day.The chicken is first marinated and then coated with a crispy coating followed by deep fry in oil.Kids will love it. Ingredients for marination chicken with bones or chicken legs(500 gm) Lemon juice (2 tbsp) Salt ( 1 …

Chicken Recipe

chicken do pyaza

This is my childhood comfort recipe to cook.During my teens whenever I wanted to cook for the guests or my friends ,I used to cook this one as it is a sure shot hit and every body will praise about you.Oh! how I used to love that! Even now I don’t need to refer to …


Peas Chicken

I  recently had this wonderful invention in my kitchen where I made a chicken curry with fresh green peas sauce. It had lend a slightly sweet taste and nutty rich texture and beautiful natural color to the dish. Those who hesitate to try something new  fearing failure can also go for this dish as the …


Chicken liver stir fry with noodles

This is a fusion recipe which I made on my husband’s request .It  suddenly became a great hit in my house.The flavor of Indian curry powder with Chinese seasonings are absorbed  well into the main ingredients and the strong aroma filled the whole  house . Ingredients 1.Chicken liver and kidney(200 gm) 2.Onions (cut into large …



      Momo is a Tibetan recipe which can be a one pot meal. It is similar to Japanese gyozas and Chinese dimsums, Momo word derived from Chinese word meaning “Steamed bread” has a filling from ground meat. It is a common street snacks in Nepal, Tibet and the Himalayan regions of Northern India. …

Green herb chicken curry

Green herb chicken curry

I think this is the quickest chicken recipes I ever made.I am in a lot of hurry in the morning when I have to leave for college,pack my child’s tiffin and also prepare something for the lunch .Sometimes I get up late and I hardly have 30 minutes in hand to do all of these …


Butter Chicken Masala

This is a classic Indian dish and one of my favorites.I love cooking this dish as it has some inherent flavor and even if you miss any ingredient it never turns out wrong.It will always taste good ,your guests will be impressed and will ask you the recipe of the same.There are many ways in …


Chicken Kolhapuri

 This is a traditional spicy dish which originates from the Kolhapur district of Maharashtra .Kolhapur is famous for its spices and dishes.Chilly garlic chutney,Misal pav,Keema pav and Mutton Kolhapuri are some of the famous dishes of Kolhapur.Though red spicy food are not among my favorites I accept that the dishes are extremely delicious and absolutely …


Black sesame chicken fry

Sesame seeds have great nutritional benefits.The paste of sesame seed also known as Tahini paste  is used in many Arabian dishes.But the black variety yields the best quality of oil and is also best suited for medicinal purposes. The Black sesame seeds contain higher levels of antioxidants than brown as is known to have anti …

Chicken Rice

Brown Rice Chicken Risotto

I had bought some brown rice a couple of months back ,thinking about good health ,more fibre and less calories.But my family discarded its taste.It takes long time to cook and doesn’t taste as good as normal polished rice which we generally use daily.So I thought to make some innovative recipe which appeals to them. …


Fiery grilled chicken

Chicken Curry cut pieces were there in my freezer .With that I wanted to make an interesting dinner quickly.So I decided to go for grilled chicken and this time I did it on the cooking gas oven directly over the flames and the dish was far more tasty than it looked. Ingredients 1.Chicken cut pieces …


Scrambled Chicken with green peas

Everybody loves scrambled eggs. But scrambled chicken also makes a quick and healthy delicacy in few minutes. With just a few ingredients, its a quick recipe that kids and adults will love. Ingredients 250 grams boneless Chicken cut into small pieces 2  Onions finely chopped 10 flakes Garlic finely chopped 1 inch Ginger finely chopped …

stuffed chicken peas parcels

Minced Chicken egg kebab

I invented this recipe when suddenly my husband’s friends decided to visit our home with kids  and I have to decide on an appetizer instantly.This recipe is very easy and simple.only thing you need to have a mixture grinder at home.No need for marination…nothing.Only grind and fry     Main Ingredient Boneless chicken (450 gms) Green …


Stuffed chicken breasts

Sharing a recipe which is innovative,easy and delicious.   Main Ingredient 4 to 5 boneless chicken breasts Marination Juice of 1 and half lemon Salt Turmeric Kashmiri Chili powder Mustard oil Stuffing Boneless chicken pieces and grated paneer Coriander leaves a bunch Green chilies (4 to 5) Process Step 1:Make incisions in the chicken breasts …