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Pasta Recipe

10 best pasta recipes authentic and fusion

Pasta, a widely enjoyed dish globally, is crafted from a mixture of wheat flour, water, and occasionally eggs. The dough is kneaded with hand or goes inside pasta machine and is then shaped into diverse forms such as spaghetti, penne, fusilli, or ravioli through extrusion or rolling. This dish is very versatile and opens a huge room of culinary creativity. Pasta’s adaptability extends to its use in soups, salads, and casseroles. Additionally, there are alternative pasta varieties made from ingredients like rice flour, quinoa flour, or vegetables, catering to different dietary preferences and restrictions. Pasta is very popular in India too and my daughter loves it a lot. if I pack pasta for her school lunch , it always comes empty. This helps me explore more pasta dishes at home. In this article I take you through 10 pasta dishes I cooked at home during various occasions

1. Heart shaped pasta in pink sauce

Heart-shaped pasta recipe
This year Valentine’s Day I decided to make these heart-shaped pretty looking homemade pasta in a beetroot-based pink sauce. The dish is pretty, delicious, and savory and can be served for valentine’s day dinner.
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Heart shaped pasta

2. Hand made fettucine pasta in alfredo sauce

Homemade fettuccine alfredo sauce recipe
Homemade pasta slathered in rich creamy sauce flavored with garlic and chilly flakes
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Homemade Fettuccine pasta from scratch with Bechamel sauce

3. Pasta with a tomato ketchup sauce

Fabsta Tomato ketchup Pasta with zucchini and peanuts
My daughter loved the delicious red sauce pasta and I am sure every kid will love it.
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Tomato ketchup pasta

4. Baked mac and cheese with chicken nuggets

Baked Mac and cheese
This is a one pot meal with macaroni pasta, layered with vegetables cooked in a creamy tomato based spicy red sauce aromatic with Mediterranean herbs and topped with crispy chicken nuggets and baked with loads of cheese.
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Baked mac n cheese

5. Macaroni with walnuts and green garlic pesto

Macaroni with green garlic and walnut pesto
This is a lip smacking recipe with seasonal ingredients which is filling and delicious
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elbow macaroni with Green garlic and walnut pesto

6. Pasta with eggplant sauce

Pasta with basil and eggplant sauce
Fusilli pasta cooked with eggplant based creamy mild spicy sauce
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7. Handmade pasta in red lentils

Red lentils pasta
This an Indian fusion one pot meal with handmade pasta cooked in spicy lentils curry
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8. Tomato chili pasta with seafood

Tomato chilli tagliatelle pasta with seafood
These are flat spiral shaped pasta slathered in a tomato and garlic-based sauce cooked with fish fillets and prawns.
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9. Creamy Lasagna with roasted chicken potatoes and veggies

Creamy Lasagna with roasted chicken potatoes and veggies
Lasagna baked with roasted chicken in a creamy sauce
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10. Orecchiette (Italian ear shaped pasta) with eggplant and peppers

Orecchiette with tomato paste and brinjals
This is ear lobed shaped pasta called Orecchiette home made with semolina and flour.
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