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National restaurant Bandra | Best Punjabi food Mumbai

National restaurant near Bandra Talao is a 60-year-old restaurant serving traditional Dhaba style Punjabi food. presently taken over by Mr. Amit Singh Gulati who is the third generation running this restaurant serving authentic food cooked in clay ovens over coal. Been there with my friend Arti for lunch #collab and it had been an extremely memorable day. The restaurant is just a 2-minute walk from Bandra railway station and despite the empty local trains to reach Bandra, the restaurant was filled with customers and I saw a gang of teenagers may be from the adjoining tutorials thronging enjoying lunch here as the nearby colleges are closed now temporarily.


The food

The food had this smoky earthy flavor only possible when cooked in a clay oven. The chicken liver masala is a must-try that is spicy and has subtle sweetness to balance the spices. Another chicken specialty is chicken Mughlai with tender fall-off bones chicken pieces slathered in a spicy gravy with scrambled eggs.

You should also try the Mirchi paratha here which is a lachha paratha, very pretty looking, and has this crispy texture laden with red chili powder and green chilies.

Among the vegetarian delicacies, Aloo gobi is a must-try, it is straight from a Punjabi home kitchen, very unique, mildly spicy, and full of flavors from the quality ingredients used.
If you visit now you can taste the seasonal specialty Makki di roti cooked with butter and Sarson ka saag, the combo tastes perfect together.
Not to be missed the dal makhani, paneer paratha and aloo paratha loaded with spicy stuffing, absolutely moreish and melt into the mouth. Above all the buttermilk spiced with rock salt and roasted cumin will soothe your stomach and your soul after consuming this grand meal.


The ambiance of the restaurant will make you feel nostalgic with wooden benches, rollup bamboo curtains, clay tandoors, and delicious food. It has been the favorite place for many Bollywood celebrities who have visited this place and recommended their food like Dev Anand, Satrughna Sinha, Gulshan Grover to name a few. The food is extremely reasonable and affordable and they deliver in and around Bandra and till Andheri through Zomato.

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National restaurant Bandra
National restaurant Bandra


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