yum cha dishes
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Yum cha Saturday Brunch buffet at Dashanzi,JW Marriott Juhu


Dashanzi , an oriental cuisine restaurant at JW-Mariott Juhu , on its first year of anniversary launched Yum cha Saturdays led by Chef Vishal Atreya, Executive Chef at JW Marriott Juhu and his team.Yum cha literally in Chinese means “drinking tea”.It refers to the Cantonese tradition of drinking Chinese tea with dimsums. Owing to the overwhelming response,the restaurant is now serving an array of exotic,colorful and delicious Asian cuisine and yum cha dishes on Saturdays brunch buffet which is popular with #SaturdaysatDashanzi and is a perfect weekend morning treat to unwind yourself.It is one of the most popular sushi restaurants in Mumbai.

yum cha dishes

Saturdays brunch buffet JW Marriott Juhu

It is a good news for those who love healthy nutritious and yet tasty food.I was attending a #wellness conference by FBAI and  was motivated to binge on healthy dishes .Apart from the Cantonese style dim-sums and the Japanese Sushi at Dashanzi ,there were also dishes like fish in black bean sauce,mutton curry,seafood noodles ,rice etc for the  main-course  which looked fascinating ,specially for those who prefer to eat in their comfort zones .To end with ,there was a plethora of divine mouthwatering desserts.

yum cha dishes


I drank only potions of health and freshness but signature cocktails were available  too.The carrot juice was naturally bitter sweet with a sharp taste coming from celery and sweetness from carrots.The beetroot juice and the wheat grass juice was equally refreshing and  rejuvenating for the body.

Spinach juice
Spinach cucumber and pineapple juice
Carrot juice
Carrot juice


The sushi platter was excellent and with vibrant colored sauces made from natural colors . I thought that the black sauce would be squid ink but I was informed that the black sauce was prepared from charcoal powder and pink sauce from beetroot ,all from natural colors.
Don’t get amazed friends !The charcoal powder is a cooking ingredient and widely used for making breads,and exotic looking desserts.The sauce was tangy and tasted yum.The fillings ranged from vegetables to fish and light curated meat.Though I am not a Sushi expert ,I had sushi in a couple of places before and it had never tasted delicious like this ever.For vegetarians there was Yasai rolls ,packed with avocado ,sweet potato and cream cheese.The plating was so pretty,that the Sushi and Maki rolls looked like a necklace studded with colorful jewels on the table.

Sushi rolls

Maki rolls

There was also kappa maki roll, the vegetarians will love. Maki roll is a type of sushi covered with nori sheet on the outside.It was stuffed with cucumber and wasabi and mayo .
It was a little funny discovery that I thought “kappa” means cucumber in Japanese but the moment I expressed my thoughts at home ,my daughter came to the rescue and said that kappa is a frog like animal living in the water ,who loves to feed on cucumber,and hence the name. Doraemon ,the popular Japanese animation is to blame for the knowhow.

Maki rolls


The table was covered with beautifully plated ,curated salads , sashmi and various greens garnished with pretty edible flowers.In one glance looked like an edible garden spread on the table.


yum cha dishes
yum cha dishes
Chicken salad


The restaurant is a heaven for dimsum lovers,and I am litle biased towards dim-sums since my trip to Hongkong. I never had edamame truffle dumplings(Vegetarian) before and they tasted very unique to edamame are a kind of green beans which are boiled and made to a paste to form the main ingredient of the
filling along with truffle oil.The texture of the filling was sandy and taste was divine.
The chicken sieu mai and the prawn dimsums were pretty like little gift parcels ,and like a bomb of flavors they exploded in the mouth.


Edamame truffle dimsums
Chicken siu mai


Sauce platter


Any food journey is incomplete without desserts and looking at the array of flavors ,you will find yourself in dessert heaven with chocolate cakes,brownies,cheesecakes,cookies,mandelins to name a few.I did not waste my time asking for names ,and just focused on finishing my plate.

yum cha dishes

yum cha dishes

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