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Mumbai Restaurant Review|Palden Norbu |the rooftop Lounge

Located in the suburbs of Mumbai around 3.5 kms from the popular Indraprastha mall in Borivali west,theE-hotel will mesmerise you with its beautiful lawn,poolside,gardens,tennis court, and breath-taking rooftop lounge.Near the entrance a huge idol of Gautam Buddha will remind you the philosophy of peace and Nonviolence.The whole environment gives a sense of relaxation and can take you to a trans of eternal peace and tranquility.


Palden Norbu

I was invited along with a team of food bloggers from FBAI(Food bloggers Association of India) for the launch of the rooftop lounge “Palden Norbu”.The name incites curiosity isn’t it?
The hotel is designed following the philosophy of Buddhism and the rooftop Lounge also reiterates the same.The word “Palden” in Tibetan means “glorious” and “Norbu “means jewel .The rooftop restaurant is indeed a shining jewel ,in the crown of this luxurious hotel .

Palden Norbu


Located below the star studded sky among the openness of nature this rooftop  lounge will relax you from the stress of daily life and rejuvenate your senses.We were in the company of the best DJ from the industry and the party was rocking with foot tapping music very soon after we arrived.There were amazing fire shows one among the best I have seen before .We all Enjoyed the party to the core and danced like never before.


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Palden Norbu

Delicious Starters

The food was completely vegetarian and delicious.Being a Bong ,I did not miss meat in my menu here.The starters comprised of :-

  • Dum aloo ,perfectly spiced with ginger and Indian masalas ,with the soft tender seasonal baby potatoes which tasted fresh with flavors .
  • Crispy Paneer deep fried and crunchy seasoned with sweet and sour sauces and accompanied with stir fried vegetables like red and green bell peppers ,shallots,celery etc.
  • White roasted paneer ,slightly charred ,nutty and creamy with white sauce.I highly recommend this.
  • Cheesy parathas ,comprised of whole wheat flatbreads stuffed with gooey and stretchy mozzarella,we all loved them .

Dum Aloo


Palden Norbu
Crispy Paneer
Palden Norbu
White malai paneer
Palden Norbu
Cheese stuffed parathas

Main course

The main course consisted of vegetable biryani ,steamed fluffy white rice ,green vegetarian Thai curry,paneer curry ,penne  cooked in a cheesy sauce and two variety of cakes,a pink creamy strawberry and very very chocolaty cake, all finger licking good.There were flatbreads and sandwiches as well with mouthwatering dips

Palden Norbu
Vegetarian plate


The bartenders shaked up amazing cocktails,some of the intriguing ones are listed below:-


Cranberry mojito ..a pretty mocktail with cranberry juice and mint.

Smoky passion fruit mocktail contained passion fruit juice flavored  with lime and smoke added for that beautiful visual punch.

Palden Norbu
Cranberry mojito

Palden Norbu


Palden Norbu
Smoky passion fruit

Cocktails(Alcohol based):

Lean clean and green cocktail: I really liked it ,though it tasted little bitter

but made the drink stronger with vodka ,parsley,spinach,kiwi and cucumber.

Cosmopolitan :-a mild pink drink with sweet cranberry juice and orange flavored vodka.The drink was very sweet.

Fifty shades of grey: It is a vodka based drink again which is mixed with ice cream garnished with pomegranate seeds,not too sweet.

Palden Norbu
Lean clean green cocktail
Cosmopolitan cocktail
Cosmopolitan cocktail
Palden Norbu
Fifty shades of grey

The venue is perfect for any party ,New year or Christmas celebrations or for

corporate gatherings .A must visit with your family or friends on weekends.If you visit let me know in the comments below.

Palden Norbu

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