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Mumbai restaurant review|Brunch at NRI(Not Really Indian)-Novel,Refreshing delicious and Innovative dishes


NRI is a creation of Michelin-starred chef Atul Kochhar. The restaurant focuses on
serving innovative fusion dishes which include preparations from the kitchens
around the world with an Indian twist and also some popular Indian dishes which has
travelled abroad with the NRIs.

Blogger's Table Brunch at NRI
Blogger’s Table Brunch at NRI

On 13th August I was invited by the FBAI for a blogger’s brunch event at this
Atul kochar restaurant.Had real difficulty in choosing from the brunch menu serving South East
Asian ,European and fusion food as all of them looked equally tempting and delish.

There is a feel good factor in this restaurant which will make you feel happy , the moment you take an entry.The interiors are simple but classy and very nature friendly.The dining area is flooded with natural lights
where you can have a pleasant time gossiping,chatting or even talking about work.

Blogger's Table Brunch at NRI
Blogger’s Table Brunch at NRI

The seating is extremely comfortable,luxurious and the tables were spaced
out providing a relaxing private space.There is a lot of space for large families and kids can have enough space to move around.The food is excellent ,and being a seafood lover I was on cloud nine to see the
varieties here.The taste was subtle with fresh flavors.I was thinking that the varieties in this eatery calls for more than one post and it is really difficult to summarize the entire experience into one page.
The restaurant has both vegetarian and Non-vegetarian options .If you are a foodie and is looking for innovative new variety for your taste buds ,this is just the place for you and in case you want to bring your entire family,this place has
traditional Indian food as well in the list to cater to every one’s taste.

The menu is dynamic and it keeps on changing but the selection of dishes and the styling
reflects the creative nature and the culinary expertise of the chef and his
team.Every dish was plated with perfection in style and taste.

My recommended dishes categorized as below:-

Recommended Dishes:

Category :Drink

Hazelnut Espresso Martini

If you come here with a bunch of friends or on a date you should definitely try
this cocktail with a blend of vodka and coffee liquor and hazelnut syrup.The taste
is mild sweet with a hint of lime which has given this authentic cocktail a unique
flavor.You may crave for more but I will recommend to stop at one keeping into mind
the droolicious starters available.

Apart from the above drink I also liked

Guava Margarita- prepared with fresh guava nectar and lime.
Peach bellini- combination of sparkling wine and peach puree.

The place also has an amazing variety of mock-tails to lure you.The ambiance is suitable for the entire family with kids.

Mocktails..brunch at NRI
Mocktails..brunch at NRI


Curry mee shrimp (Non-veg)

This is a very light and delicious soup with tiny shrimps and glass noodles cooked
in thin coconut milk.You will also get small bits of boiled egg whites to bite on.I
found it irresistible and just perfect to start a heavy meal.
You can get a vegetarian option on request in which the shrimps are replaces with
cherry tomatoes.

Curry mee Shrimp soup
Curry mee Shrimp soup

Miso soup(Veg)

Miso is a Japanese style soup which consists of a base stock called dashi spiced
with fermented soybeans paste.The soup was full of flavors from the miso paste and
wakame ,a Japanese herb.Small pieces of silky textured tofu were added to the
soup.The soup tasted just like the authentic one .

Miso Soup
Miso Soup

Category :Starters(Veg)

Zucchini Tiradito

Tastes absolute divine with strips of zucchinni topped with
tomatoes,onions,quinoa and goat cheese. The crunchy quinoa dressed with olive mayo
with the melt into mouth goat cheese is spectacular.The flavors were clean and

Malay Butter Mushroom

These are tender stir fried mushrooms ,with the sweetness of kecap manis(An
Indonasian sweet soy sauce) and kresik(toasted coconut)

Pind da hummas

Crispy Lentil fritters served on a bed of spicy hummas is a must have
here,specially when its raining outside.

Pind Da hummas
Pind Da hummas

Bulgar and cucumber salad

If you are aiming healthy eating don’t forget to order this super delicious sweet
and sour bulgar(Dalia) salad with cucumber and fresh grated coconut, with natural sweetness from the coconut.

Bulgar salad
Bulgar salad

Starters(Fish and Seafood)


Ceviche is a classic authentic Spanish dish in which fish and seafood are marinated
with lime juice till the meat is tender.This is a special fire-less cooking method
where the delicate fish meat is tenderized by the acidic property of lime
juice.There were two varieties of ceviche available here,one is the classic one
which is simple and best .The dish was plated beautifully, garnished with raw and
caramelized onions which gives an Indian touch to this dish.The chef has also used
boiled sweet potato cubes very skillfully marinated in orange juice to balance the
tangy taste of the lime juice..tasted divine.I loved it absolutely.
The spice lovers can try the Thai ceviche where the thai chilies ,kaffeir lime
flavors are used.

Classic Ceviche--Brunch at NRI
Classic Ceviche–Brunch at NRI

Calamar crostillant

The super crispy breadcrumb coated soft tender squid rings taste like heaven to the
seafood lovers ,like you never have tasted before.The styling and presentation was
pretty and aioli with the squid ink was tasting so delicious.

Calamar fry-Brunch at NRI
Calamar fry-Brunch at NRI

Indie Brit fish

The taste was similar to the local fish kolivada full of flavor and aroma from the
carom seeds(Ajwain) with British touch, keeping spices to the minimum ,served with french fries.

Fish fry with carom seeds...Brunch at NRI
Fish fry with carom seeds…Brunch at NRI

Churrasco grilled nickei prawn

The prawns looked superb, perfectly marinated with soy sauce and ginger ,slightly
charred and smoked. Churrasco is a term which refers to grilled meat across Latin
America and Europe and this grilling technique is appropriately applied to the
seafood with very delicate flavors.

Grilled prawns--Brunch at NRI
Grilled prawns–Brunch at NRI


Chicken Toastada

Spicy sweet and sour shredded chicken piled on small round crispy tortillas in the style of
Mumbai street food(sev poori) .The Mexican Tinga sauce and salsa criolla (raw
onions,lime juice ,peppers and micro greens)gives a tongue tickling chatpata taste
like our Indian chaat.

Chicken toastada
Chicken toastada

Chicken Liver masala

Chicken liver mince, cooked in indian style served on a bed of crispy toasts,tastes

Chicken Liver masala..Brunch at NRI
Chicken Liver masala..Brunch at NRI

Main course(Non Vegetarian)

Nasi biryani

Personally this was not among my favorites .Being a biryani lover this seemed to be over spicy and sweet but some of my friends did like it .

Singapore chicken curry

It is a winning combination of coconut milk ,tamarind with chicken which can win any hearts when served with steamed rice.I highly recommend you go for this main course.

Singapore chicken curry
Singapore chicken curry

Lamb cumin

The lamb was tender, little crunchy and tasted great with the combination of roasted cumin and the sauces.The garnish of crispy spinach and spring onions elevated the dish to a new level.

Lamb cumin..brunch at NRI
Lamb cumin..brunch at NRI

Kandy pork curry

This is Sri Lankan style black pork curry spicy and tangy.I specially loved the pol sambol served as a garnish to the curry.

Kandid Pork curry..Brunch at NRI
Kandid Pork curry..Brunch at NRI


The Indian varieties were classy but I will not recommend you visit here to only have Indian dishes..but its great for large families with a variety of taste.

  • Paneer tikka masala
  • Chicken tikka
  • Naan
  • Dal Makhni
Nasi biryani..Brunch at NRI
Nasi biryani..Brunch at NRI


Paneer tikka masala
Paneer tikka masala
Chicken tikkas
Chicken tikkas

Category :Desserts


Traditional phirni served in small glasses topped with nuts.The taste was good but it could have been better.


Baked chocolate mousse with coffee served with a crispy crumb ..tasting heavenly

Baked chocolate mousse..brunch at NRI
Baked chocolate mousse..brunch at NRI

Some of the food did not suit my taste.

  1. Strawberry Margarita:The drink was lacking the flavor from strawberries
  2. Minced chicken and glass noodles salad:The dish was little too sweet to my liking.I felt it needed some spicy kick  or  a bit more tangy
  3. Phirni: The consistency was thin,I would have loved a richer one.

After such a lovely remarkable brunch at NRI ,I have come up with a new meaning to its Name ,N for Novel recipes and styling ,R for refreshing drinks and I for innovative and intriguing food.Do visit and enjoy the meal.Overall a lovely brunch experience with a talented and friendly team of bloggers.

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Brunch at NRI
Brunch at NRI

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