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Mumbai restaurant review|What’s For Dinner?Apples at Theory

An Apple a day keeps the doctor away‘ ,a phrase which was quoted in the 20th century and became very popular due to the fact that it has some truth embedded in it .Apple  is one of  the most nutritious fruit around with varied nutritional benefits. It can add natural sweetness to your food and desserts and  prevent the buildup of cholesterol and  manage blood pressure. It is full of antioxidants ,high in fiber and vitamin C, and low in calories, with no fat or cholesterol.Apples being rich in iron, ‘An apple a day’ can definitely  help to  maintain a healthy hemoglobin count.

  Event :4 course sit down US Apples curated dinner
USAEC Dinner event menu
USAEC Dinner event menu
June 23, 2017 7pm -9:30pm

On 23rd June,Friday USAEC had organized a 4 course sit down  in collaboration with FBAI (Food bloggers Association of India) at Theory Kamala Mills ,Lower Parel,Mumbai and what a evening! Sweet like the apples in the menu and pleasant like the monsoon breeze.I was mesmerized by the elegant and rustic ambiance of the restaurant.

The restaurant serves some amazing starters  and I have experienced one of the best service.The  interiors were classy with comfortable sitting arrangements.The evening was perfectly wonderful and the hours passed like a minute,bonding and chatting with fellow bloggers having interaction never possible in the virtual world.The cherry on the pie was the specially curated French style dinner by the Chef Clyde Comello. It was a four course meal  where in each dish Apple was the hero performing a fascinating role emanating flavors stylish ,unique and distinct.The apples were used in the meals  in 3 different forms.The objective was to explore the versatility of apples which may not be limited only to snacks and desserts.

  1. Fresh chopped apples with skin
  2. Poached apples in red wine
  3. Apple juice and red wine reduction
Chef clyde
Chef clyde

Apple  salad with endives and olives

We  had the opportunity to attend a session by the chef where he demonstrated a salad combining freshly chopped apples  and crunchy poached apples in red wine with  other vegetables like green and black olives.The dressing included roasted garlic ,apple red wine reduction , and black pepper sprinkled with Parmesan granules and crispy fried curry leaves for an Indian twist.The salad was magical  full of flavors from the red wine reduction ,had the sweetness of apples ,spicy kick from the black pepper , crunchiness of the lettuce(endives) and aroma from the curry leaves .

Apple endive olive salad
Apple endive olive salad

apple dishes for  dinner Menu

After the demonstration we sat down in groups for the dinner ,chatting ,giggling until the dinner is served,where each dish was presented like an art form showcasing the skills of the chef and the culinary staff

Drinks:Apple sangria

It was an amazing delectable drink  full of flavors from red wine,finely  chopped apples ,spices like star anise  and orange peels.It is truly difficult to stop at just 1 glass.The staff of the restaurant were polite enough and asked whether I needed another drink or not .Somehow I subdued my temptations as I was looking forward to the interesting dinner.

Apple sangria
Apple sangria

Soup :curried carrot and apple soup

The soup was more on the sweeter side .It was creamy and nutty due to the addition of dried fruits but it was missing the spicy punch.

curried carrot apple soup
curried carrot apple soup

Salad: Poached apples with goat cheese

The salad was mind-blowing and it was my most favorite dish  on the dinner table.It was a complete food with all kind of elements in  it.It contained the crunch from the lettuce,flavor from the red wine ,sweetness from the poached red apples , creaminess of goat cheese and nutty bite from the chopped hazelnuts.

poached apple salad
poached apple salad

Main course vegetarian: Apple gnocchi with butternut squash and sage butter

I was more inclined towards having  this vegetarian main as I love gnocchi.For my readers ,I will like to elaborate that gnocchi is a handmade pasta made from potato and egg.But this one was vegetarian  , aromatic with the butter and earthy flavor of sage.The sweetness was coming from the butternut squash glazed in cinnamon and the burrata(cheese) in the sauce was giving a rich creamy bite .By searing the gnocchi in butter  ,the chef has taken the dish to a new level,truly delicious.

Apple Gnocchi
Apple Gnocchi

Main course Non-vegetarian:Chicken roulade with apple juice

This was an exceptional stuffed chicken soft ,tender and juicy.This was the only dish which did not seem sweet at all despite the apple juice.The filling with Forestiere mushrooms  gave a fresh new taste experience altogether.If this dish is included in the regular menu a must try recommended.

Chicken roulade with apple juice

Dessert: Apple Baklava

I had  this dessert and who does not try this popular authentic middle eastern delicacy and I totally loved it.The dish was not so sweet as the traditional one and the pastry was soft ,buttery and fall apart ,filled with the goodness of apples.Only thing which was missing was the crispiness,a little more crispy would have been better.It may be due to low sugar content for a healthier version of the dish.


Dessert: Apple cheese cake

It   was a unique cheese cake with crispy crumb bottom not too sweet and cheesy,more on the healthier side

Apple cheesecake
Apple cheesecake


Theory resturant

Theory Restaurant
Theory Restaurant


Unit 1, Ground Floor, C Wing, Trade World Building,
Kamla Mills Compound, SB Marg, Tulsi Pipe Road, Lower Parel, Mumbai
022 61739607
Opening hours:
12 Noon to 4 PM, 6 PM to 1:30 AM
Reservation Link
Menu Link

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USAEC is a trade association which represent 5 apple producing states in the USA (California, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia) who account for 40% of apple production in USA.The USAEC organizes different international programs collaborating with Organizations to promote apples in foreign markets under the USA Apples brand.

About FBAI

FBAI is a social  community of foodies, bloggers, chefs, writers, restaurateurs, hoteliers, F&B photographers, and others related to F&B products that organizes ,manages and promotes events related to food across India.

FBAI team
FBAI team







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