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Mumbai restaurant review|The Mandala ,creating healthy magic meals

The word Mandala  represents wholeness and purity symbolizing the notion that life is never ending..Mandala founded by  Mikhel Rajani ,is a concept which aims at serving healthy nutritious meals free from artificial additives to  people.The ingredients for the dishes are cultivated through organic farming.As a result the food is super delicious which, I learnt  through my personal experience ,during a blogger’s meet organised by FBAI at Magazine street kitchen in collaboration with Mandala Life.

Magazine street kitchen
Magazine street kitchen
organic food
Mandala Organic food

Definition of organic food

Organic farming is an ancient practice  which aims at cultivating the land and raising crops in such a way that the soil is kept alive and in good health by use of organic wastes and other organic  materials.It is a process of agriculture which avoids the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticide, hormonal growth regulators and feeding food with artificial additives  to the livestock.Organic farming has regained its importance due to the increase in health related issues among common masses in recent days.

organic food

Mandala Life  has paneled Ms Kavita Mukhi who had been working closely with the organic farmers and has been a pioneer in this field. Ms. Kavita Mukhi, is a trained nutritionist and a founder of  Conscious Food, organic food brands of natural food products.  Organic farming helps to preserve and take care of our  our soil,it also supports our farmers as the ingredients are bought directly from them and saves them from the exploitation by any middle man.”The organic farming and its awareness should spread specially in Indian society as new generation is slowly losing motivation and charm in the farming profession and want to take up other professions instead.India being a predominantly agricultural country,Organic farming can help the farmers and the society in a big way”,she said.

Kavita mukhi organic food
Kavita mukhi

The food was echoing her thoughts,tasting extremely delicious and refreshing.I wonder, I have ever tasted kale and argula so delicious and aromatic as it tasted in salads in Mandala.Due to the absence of artificial additives and the food grown in its natural environment ,the nutrition is preserved and tasted divine.In fact I was so motivated and impressed by the concept ,after coming home I replaced the sugar and salt of my kitchen pantry  to organic brown sugar and Himalayan pink salt.

Coming to the food the renowned chef Davide Cananzi has created magic combos of flavor very innovative and fascinating.The meal started with salads and smoothies propagating the motto “healthy can be tasty too”.


Kale ,strawberry and avocado salad:

a refreshing salad with flavors from avocado ,crunch of poppy seeds and feta cheese.

Kale ,strawberry and avocado salad organic food
Organic food

Honey Balsamic argula salad

The crunchy argula leaves with a dominating flavor from walnuts in a balsamic dressing  and mild sweetness from cranberries.The sunflower seeds add a nutty bite to the mix.I can eat even two bowls of this,so awesome.

Honey balsamic argula salad organic food
Honey balsamic argula salad

Cooked Lentil Tabbouleh with buckwheat

It is a delicious combo with amalgamation of flavors from the cooked whole grains and lentils tender and dressed perfectly ,aromatic from the herbs,mild sweet and juicy due to the addition of pomegranate seeds,I bet you will love it.

Cooked Lentil Tabbouleh with buckwheat
Lentil salad


Who does not love smoothies and if I  tell you they contain beneficial pro-biotic bacteria needed for  digestion,you will be amazed . Kefirs are such healthy thirst quenchers packed with nutrients.These were diabetic friendly too as the sweetness in this drink is imparted through organic sweeteners like Palm Jaggery .The health benefits of Kefir includes  digestion, inflammation, allergies, cardiovascular disorders too.

Mango and palm jaggery kefir
Mango and palm jaggery kefir

Sushi roll

An innovative version ,this was made with locally grown rice encasing a delicious filling ,in case of vegetarian it was full of flavors from mixed veggies like carrots,cabbage etc and goat cheese.In case of Non vegetarian version it was fried prawns.I simply loved the seafood version more as it was so innovative and fried prawns tasted so  divine in the roll.

Sushi roll
Sushi roll

Rice bowls

Wild forest rice bowl(Vegetarian)

The rustic and earthy flavor from the black rice and the mushrooms is taking dish to a different level all together perfectly paired with the coconut curry.You can taste the flavors from the coast and the mountains together in this dish.I will highly recommend this one.

Sri Lankan rice(Vegetarian/Non Vegetarian)

The aroma of cinnamon, pandan leaves ,lemon adds delicate taste to this Sri Lankan yellow rice and it is paired with nutritious elements like spinach ,paneer,fried beans,roasted potatoes ,chicken(in non veg version).I loved this combo too.It is served with a medium spicy coconut based curry.The brown rice was used in this dish so skillfully ,one can hardly make out  the difference in taste.


The Korean Bibimbap

It was a fried rice with assorted vegetables in Korean style ,spicy and gorgeous.The flavors were coming from sesame oil and all the vegetables ,spinach ,zucchini ,carrots ,shiitake mushrooms etc,added to the rice.Local organic brown rice has also been used here.

Rice burrito bowl

It consists Green rice, spicy sweet potato cubes,  mexican beans  and a tortilla served with a side of  corn salsa.worth trying.


Though I was completely full by the  time desserts came couldn’t restrict myself from gorging into it.

Chocolate walnut brownie

The brownie was flour less ,yet gooey and chocolaty.Difficult to stop at one,specially if you have a sweet tooth like me.


The experience was awesome and I was happy about the enriching session we got from the expert chef and nutritionist.It was eating out for a good cause.We were all happy getting our answers for  queries about organic food and its relation to our  health and society. Loved the homemade goodies  packed for us too   ,a box of onion jam,peanut butter,pink salt and ketchup,all delicious. Will love to try the other meals available at Mandala too.Its just a click away so no worries.




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