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In  this world of rat race,  intentionally or unintentionally  we learnt to ignore some of the precious advice of the elders regarding our health ,causing our health to be heavily compromised and leading a momentary superficial, so called happy life with immense stress.The #wellness conference by FBAI on 17th  March 2018, in collaboration with Vikhroli Cucina, Godrej Natures Basket And California Walnuts , and Godrej protekct which I am extremely fortunate and happy to be a part of gave us insight to the  secret of good health and a happy life.

Healthy snacks from Godrej Natures Basket


Renowned celebrities ,famous personalities  and  leaders in the respective domains of nutrition and health shared their invaluable experience and health tips breaking so many myths and false notions about attaining good health.I was also delighted to hear some remarkable advice for the moms about feeding our kids healthy and nutritious food.

Fitness conference

Bollywood Yoga by Bijal Joshi from Yogdivine

The conference kick started with power yoga in the tunes of Bollywood hits,by Bijal Joshi and her team and all the participants of the conference eventually joined with energy and enthusiasm.


Chef Vikey Ratnani ..”Let food be your medicine ,not medicine your food”

The celebrity chef advised everyone to eat seasonal and eat local .He  also spoke about contributing to the society ,our farmers and our nation ,by being conscious during consuming food products.By buying directly from the farmers market and eating seasonal vegetables ,we help the farmers to prosper ,which is vital to the Nation’s prosperity.

fitness conference

Godrej Food trends report 2018

CN Nageshwaran, Corporate Communications, Godrej Industries Ltd. gave a talk about the food predictions of the year .

fitness conference

Tripti Gupta..Benefits of walnuts

Celebrity nutritionist Tripti Gupta spoke about the benefits of walnuts,and health tips on how it is excellent for brain development and a very portable healthy snacks .

  • Lowers bad  cholesterol and hence reduces the risk of heart disease
  • Improves brain development
  • Prevent diabetes
  • Boost sperm quality
  • Makes your skin glow
  • Fights stress
  • Great during pregnancy

Anuj Goyal..A talk on hand hygiene

Anuj Goyal the marketing head of Godrej protect spoke about “Godrej protect,Hand sanitizer” whose tagline is “Tough on germs and soft on hands“.The product helps to maintain hygiene while enjoying delicious  Street food in India and is manufactured from eco-friendly natural products.

Lunch curated by Executive chef Vishal Atreya

fitness conference


Nutritionist Naini Setalvat …Health tips for a fit body

The renowned nutritionist’s talk was interesting with stories from her real life experiences.She spoke about ancient Ayurveda and emphasized on eating Sattvik food. Sattvik food which consists of vegetables,adequate spices and not overcooked ingredients, is best for the health of body and the mind. She also gave health tips and spoke about how food can control mood of an individual and even capable of  inducing  criminal behavior. The following points can be summarized from her wonderful talk.

  1. One should lead a simple lifestyle.
  2. One fruit a day is compulsory.
  3. Probiotics like milk,curd and pickles should be consumed ,during the day.
  4. After sunset ,the body craves for food,so one should have a early dinner,otherwise there is a chance of binge eating during the evening.
  5. Some healthy evening snacks should be kept ready for the kids during the evening.
  6. One should avoid fried food,junk food,caffeine ,alcohol and sugar as much as possible.
  7. Follow your ecosystem“,she informs,as some food which may be good in the Western countries may not be suitable for our body.
  8. “70% of the earth and body  is water,so to keep the balance in the body ,one should drink sufficient water”,she advised.
  9. Fruits and dried fruits should be eaten as snacks to get instant energy and among the nuts cashew-nuts are the lowest in fat.
  10. Our ancients  superfoods like flax seeds and linseeds should be incorporated in the diet.

Chef Ranveer Brar, “Foodie for life”

The celebrity chef ,stated the importance of diet and controlled eating for “Wellness and longevity”.He also believes in  traditional “nuskas”( tips and tricks) which are passed on to generations  for leading a healthy life and expresses his desire to document them after adequate research.

fitness conference

Sameera Reddy…”Food is an Emotional thing”

The popular actress Sameera Reddy ,gave an insight on how to feed our kids .She emphasized on understanding the reason behind the hunger ,which can be physical or emotional hunger.She requested the moms to trust on the kid’s instinct when they feel full and not to force them to overeat.

Fitness conferencefitness conference

Panel Discussion I…Fitness tips for weight loss

The power packed panel moderated by the Co-founder of FBAI,Mr. Sameer Malkani gave wonderful insight of being healthy in body and the mind as summarized under:-

  • Kunal Vijaykar ,the famous TV personality ,stated “Eating healthy is eating less“,he emphasized on cutting down portions.
  • Mira Manek, the author of “Saffron soul” ,highlighted about balancing food with exercise and discipline ,and narrated her experience with Indian spices and vegetables which she considers as extremely healthy.
  • Payel Kothari,Nutritionist and health coach ,stated that “Balanced meal is a rainbow of food and vegetables,All individuals are different ,so the diets will also be different“.She also spoke about  changing the posture,consciously using words and journal-ling manifestations for a healthy mind and a fit body.
  • Tara Mahadevan,The nutrition and Weight loss psychologist ,requested the audience to understand the type of hunger ,whether the hunger is physical or emotional and then act accordingly.

Panel Discussion II

The panel consisted of   Saloni Malkani, Co-founder, FBAI,who was the moderator , Kalyan Karmakar, Food Writer and Blogger ,Smita Deo, Author and Blogger and Vaishali Shah, Lead Designer, Godrej Interio. They spoke about the modern kitchen and how lighting has become essential in the kitchen,to take good photographs ,as well as open kitchen space integrated with the dining helps to interact with the guests and the family members even during cooking. Kalyan Karmakar, asserted “Kitchen defines who you are ” and  how the kitchen furniture and decor are very personal and defines the individuality of the family members.

Smita Deo narrated her personal experience how she  refurbished her kitchen to give  a modern stylish look. Vaishali Lahoti Shah ,the designer explained the latest trends ,how kitchen has become more a social space where family can spend value time with each other and their friends.

Chef David Cananzi..”Cut down on meat”

The renowned talented Italian Chef Davide Cananzi spoke about the five components of food to include in the meal ,Vegetables,legumes,fruits,meat and tofu.He also emphasized on consuming organic ingredients and healthy oil like olive oil,canola oil and rice bran oil.He also advised to cut down on the meat content in the meal.

Tanisha Mukherjee…”Cut down sugar”

The talented actress  and founder of TM Media,spoke about her journey from films to fitness and spiritualism.To gain good health cutting down on sugar is necessary,she said.She also gave the recipe of a after workout smoothie with oats,green juice,cucumber and lime .

Rushina Ghidiwal…”Paleo diet and Keto diet are for different ecosystem”

Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal food write and consultant  ,advised to focus on the local ingredients and ancient grains.We should go for our traditional diet instead of adopting Paleo or Keto diets which are for different eco-system.

More discussions with Celebrities

There was also the  Fitness blogger and Founder of RisquebyAnaDe, Anandita De,  who gave a motivational talk about weight loss and workouts  with Nikhila Palat, CEO, Katalyst Reputation Management.There was lifestyle coach Eefa Shroff who talked about cardio-vascular balance and the importance of following a diet sincerely.The nutrition therapist, Rachna  chhachhi advised to consume good fats,nuts and keep 1/2 of the plate filled with raw food.Finally with a zumba session from Jiggnya A Johri,this exciting conference came to an end with a brunch buffet at Dashanzi.

fitness conference

The take home from this conference is a lot of knowledge about health and nutrition,and advise on eating mindfully keeping ones body and mind in consideration.I may have missed mentioning some of the invaluable talks imparted by the experts but I have tried to summarize and archive the activities of the conference in my best capacity.You can also view the glimpses of the conference on Vikhroli Cucina Website


fitness conference


Indrani Sen is a teacher,lecturer in Information Technology/Computer Science for the past 12 years. She has authored 4 text books in Information Technology.
She is passionate about cooking and loves to blog about food and travel.This blog is like my baby as I have built it from scratch by myself with little help from colleagues ,friends and of course Google.

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