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10 veg dishes for rainy season| Best vegetables to eat in monsoon

What is the significance of Shravan month?

The month of Shravan is dedicated to Lord Shiva, the supreme Hindu God associated with creation and destruction of the world. Many people abstain from non-vegetarian food during this month and prefer vegetarianism . Many people also do fasting for certain days of the week or certain hours of the day.

What we should not eat in monsoon?

The monsoon season and the rains bring with them a freshness and greenery and the markets throng with seasonal fruits and vegetables which are hard to resist. But despite that , this season is appropriate for the growth of microbes and vegetables are often infested with insects and germs. Leafy vegetables are best avoided or consumption should be minimised . Also vegetables like cauliflowers and brinjals which are more vulnerable to get infected with insects should be carefully consumed. The cut fruits and vegetables exposed in the air for a long time or raw vegetables in salads should be avoided.

The following vegetables are safe and considered  to be healthy for consumption during the monsoon.


Bhindi or Okra



bhindi posto recipe
In this recipe the okras are cooked in poppy seeds paste
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Bhindi posto recipe


Padwal or Pointed gourd

Pointed gourds

Chal potol
Pointed gourds cooked with little rice and mixture of spices to form a semi dry side dish.
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Chal potol

Cantola or Teasel gourd


Teasle gourd

Stuffed Teasle Gourd Bong Style(Pur bhora kakrol)
This is a starter or a side dish which you can have with steamed rice.The teasle gourds are filled with spicy mustard and coconut mixture.Traditionally we mash the stuffed and fried  vegetable and mix with rice and eat.Instead of stuffed teasle gourd you can use any gourd from the family like bottle gourd,zucchini etc
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Pur bhora kakrol

Karela or Bitter gourd

cluster beans

Karela aur pyaz ki sabzi | Bitter gourd vegetable recipe
The dish is spicy and the bitterness is camouflaged with the sweetness of onions. You can serve with shallow fried or deep fried flat breads
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Bitter gourd vegetable


Titar dal (Lentils with bitter gourd)
This dal is prepared during the Summer to keep our body cool,the bottle gourd and bitter gourds added in this dal are cold food according to ancient ayurveda which helps keeping your body cool under scorchy hot sun.
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Ma er Tetor Dal ~ Dal with Bitter Gourd

Lauki or Bottle gourd


Lauki raita
This is a traditional recipe from Bihar which is a place in Eastern India where the people suffer from heat strokes due to the flow of Hot air called loo during Summer.It is also a place where Buddhism was in its peak during the time Gautam Buddha (the spiritual leader of Buddhism) and due to his influence the food is mainly vegetarian.
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Gawar or Cluster beans


bitter melon

Gavar ki sabzi
Gavar fali , gavar or cluster beans has low glycemic index and high in fibre content. Crunchy and with a hint of bitter sweet in taste this forms a very delicious vegetable sides to be served with dal and rice or flatbreads. It forms a balanced meal when cooked with potatoes and served with any carbohydrate.
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gavar ki sabzi




Bati chorchori recipe
In this dish vegetables and spices with raw mustard oil are cooked in a rustic fashion in a pot,preserving all the flavors in the curry.
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bati chorchori recipe

Chili potato wedges
The crispy potato wedges are sauted in Chinese flavored sauce. Its a great appetiser to serve in any get-togethers and everyone including kids will love them.
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chili potatoes

Bahman sweet potato
Its a healthy dessert or breakfast with a buttery nutty flavor with all goodness of walnuts and sweet potato.
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