10 soup recipes
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10 soup recipes

Soup is a comfort heart warming meal during any time of the day. Specially during a winter morning it can really make you feel safe, comfortable and brighten your day. Historically the age of soup dates back to 20000 BC when it was considered to be a filling one pot meal with all ingredients boiled in a pot with water and mild spices. Watery gruel of any cereals was the original soup. The word “soup” was derived from the bread over which this gruel was poured.

1.Cream of peas soup

Cream of peas soup
This creamy soup is perfect  as an appetizer on a chilly winter night .Green peas are high in protein and keep your body warm during the cold season. They also work as antioxidants in detoxifying your body. I prefer to make this soup with fresh green peas and not the canned or frozen ones.
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cream of peas

2.Cream of cauliflower soup

Creamy cauliflower soup
This is a quick and easy recipe for the soup lovers without involving a run to the supermarket for the ingredients. It is healthy too. The soup just look delicious and creamy.
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This is a Tibetan noodle soup cooked with vegetables,chicken broth and chicken meat
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thukpa...A Tibetan noodles soup

4.Tomato and white beans seafood stew

Tomato and white beans seafood stew
This is a fairly simple recipe with a mix of seafood which includes small prawns,fish fillets and squids.You will love to treat yourself with this aromatic soup during the cold  lazy winter at noon sitting on your couch near the window contemplating a sunny weather or enjoying the snowfall may be.This can be a one pot meal and  will make you feel happy and warm.
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white beans stew

5.Prawn rasam

Prawn rasam
Spicy thin runny soup inspired by Konkan and Malvan coastal flavors
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6.Croatian fish soup

Riblja-Juha-A Croatian-Fish-Soup
A Croatian tomato based   fish stew.
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Croatian fish stew

7. Beetroot carrot mixed soup

Beetroot carrot mixed vegetable soup
This is a comfort soup which can be consumed during the winter. It contains the goodness of the seasonal vegetables and protein packed due to addition of lentils.
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beetroot soup

8. Poached pear and walnut soup

Poached pear and walnut soup
This is a creamy soup filled with the goodness of walnuts, flavors of pear and punch of wine. Smooth creamy silky and delicious
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Poached pear and walnut soup

9. Chicken and lentil vegetable soup

Chicken and vegetable lentil soup
This is my childhood favorite soup which we prepare during every winter season. Packed with vitamins, minerals and good nutrients it will help to build immunity for kids and keep us healthy and active. One can make it vegetarian also without adding chicken ..it is equally tasty.
Check out this recipe

10. Hot and sour tomato mushroom soup

This is sweet and sour tomato soup with lots of garlic and mushroom ,drizzled with lime juice and black pepper.


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