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FOO – ASIAN TAPAS, Mumbai | WildAsperagusTable event

It was time to get wonderstruck with my fellow bloggers , foodies and chefs at Foo Mumbai Powai with delicious platter of food and drinks. We had gathered there on Saturday afternoon for lunch for #wildasperagustable meet which was much awaited after lockdown.

Wild Asperagus Table

#Wildasperagustable is a community of foodies, home chefs, bloggers ,chefs and food enthusiasts who meet monthly for a potluck event centered around a theme featuring an international cuisine from a specific country or community from any part of the world. The community is founded by celebrity chef Ananya Banerjee and co-founder of FBAI Ms. Saloni Malkani. The community currently has 84 members.

About the cuisine

The cuisine featured at Foo Mumbai is “Nikkei” which is a blend of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. The word “Nikkei” refers to the descendants of Japanese people living in different parts of the world outside Japan. The food therefore often contain Peruvian ingredients like Aji , corn ,potatoes ,spiced with Aji Amarillo peppers apart from the umami flavors imparted by Japanese Miso, wasabi, rice vinegar, soy etc.


The restaurant serves Negroni cocktails with aromatic ingredients and fruits with slightly bitter sweet taste which is extremely refreshing to the palate. Negroni is a classic three ingredient Italian cocktail composed of gin, vermouth and Campari.
I enjoyed a cocktail “Foo King” with the vodka base and sweetened with musk melon,frothy with the egg white, very refreshing and sharp sweet and tangy flavors.


In sushi category, the restaurant serves Uramaki which is inside out roll, or nori on the inside and rice on the outside with filling at the center. Crispy sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds are often added to the rice to allow it to bind.
We were served charcoal tempura uramaki, with a crispy charcoal sauce in the center with bits of avocado ,foo yam bean uramaki which is beautiful and purple colored with the butterfly pea and served with Aji verde sauce, and Nikkei prawn uramaki with cooked prawn at the center served with Peruvian yellow sauce.


Among the dimsums , the vegetarian ones I loved the most, the crystal dumpling with crunchy vegetables in the filling and the edamame dumpling with beautiful green color and edamame beans filling ,smooth and starchy texture are worth giving a try.
They also have chicken dumplings and chicken gyoza (in contrast to the dumplings the gyoza is pan fried)

Small plates

Among the small plates we have daikon cakes, Hunan chili potatoes, vegetable soring rolls ,chili chicken etc. I loved the crispy fish with the black bean sauce.

Main course

The main course is the beautiful Japanese blue rice with the butterfly pea and the yellow Thai curry and chicken with chili oil. All so delicious.


You should try the black marble sesame cheese cake ,truly a divine melt into mouth delicacy.

Overall it was a wonderful day with moreish food and pleasant company of like minded friends. The bonus was the courteous, extremely cooperative staff and Restaurant General manager Mr. Amit Pandit who helped us in every step as and when required. Thanks to Saloni Malkani and Ananya Banerjee for organizing such a beautiful memorable event.

Foo Mumbai
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Indrani Sen is a teacher,lecturer in Information Technology/Computer Science for the past 12 years. She has authored 4 text books in Information Technology.
She is passionate about cooking and loves to blog about food and travel.This blog is like my baby as I have built it from scratch by myself with little help from colleagues ,friends and of course Google.

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