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Christmas, the birthday of Jesus Christ is celebrated all around the world on 25th December. In Kolkata, the city of Joy, which is my birthplace, the festival is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm. When I used to be a child, I remember my father bringing Christmas cakes from the local market. There are some age-old bakeries in Park Street, New market, who still serve and deliver excellent Christmas goodies. One of them is more than 100 years old, the Jewish bakery “Nahoum & Sons”, which was established in 1902. The crowd at the bakery shops and enthusiasm during the Christmas depicts beyond a doubt that a festival is about celebrating lives and people and goes beyond the bounds of any religion, community or creed.

In this post I wish to share 6 best Christmas dessert recipes from my blog which you will love to bake during the celebration week.

Whole wheat carrot cake

Cake with the seasonal goodness of carrots

Whole wheat Carrot and Date cake
Refined flour and Sugar are two necessary evils while baking a cake.This recipe prepares a cake woth whole wheat flour and dates.Dates do contain quite a large amount of sugar which are much healthier and carrots add a sweet taste too. No butter  or ghee etc.The cake is going to be very moist and fluffy.
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Baked yoghurt cheese cake

Tastes like cheese but low in calories. what can be better? Try this baked yoghurt cake with chocolate topping!

Chocolate baked yogurt cheesecake
chocolate flavored baked yogurt set on a cheesecake base
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chocolate baked yogurt

Jewelled Christmas cake

Its a very special cake I saw selling at a shop in Kolkata during the Christmas vacations. This is a dense Christmas cake topped with caramelized dried fruits and cherries , vibrant in color and shine. Looks very inviting

Jewelled Christmas cake
Dried fruit cake with a topping of caramelized raisins, cherries and dried fruits looking like jewels on top.
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Chocolate rum and raisins cake

A rich Christmas cake with all the spices and orange juice rich with dried fruits, rum and chocolate.

Chocolate rum and raisins cake
Rich Christmas cake soaked with orange juice, rum and decadent with chocolate
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Its a popular Australian dessert also called meringue cake, made with whipped egg whites similar to the texture of marshmallows.

Pavlova recipe
Pavlova is a meringue based cake topped with cream and fruits
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Pavlova recipe

Chocolate meringue pie

If love a savory and sweet dessert, a chocolate pie will be perfect for you filled with oozing decadent creamy chocolate ganache, topped with sweet crispy melt into mouth meringue.

Chocolate meringue pie
Its a homemade pie crust filled with chocolate custard topped with meringue
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Devonshire split buns recipe

If you love soft fluffy cream filled buns, you will love this recipe. Its a traditional breakfast recipe from Devonshire, UK

Devonshire’s split
Devonshire’s split get their name from the county Devonshire in England where this is a popular breakfast dish
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Devonshires splits


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She is passionate about cooking and loves to blog about food and travel.This blog is like my baby as I have built it from scratch by myself with little help from colleagues ,friends and of course Google.

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