Peanut choco fudge

 This recipe makes a nice flavored home made nutritious vegan chocolate fudge.Chocolate fudge is a
dessert which is similar to chocolate but is softer and has a grainy texture.I used peanuts,sesame
seeds and coconut apart from cocoa powder which is the main ingredient.You can add dry fruits if you like a nutty fudge.You can serve them in Christmas parties or gift them to your loved ones.


1.Roasted peanuts (200gms)
2.Vegetable oil(1  cup)
3.Sesame seeds (roasted 3 to 4tbsp)
4.Dried dessicated coconut(2 tbsp)
5.Cocoa powder(2 cups)
6.Sugar (1 cup Fine powdered)(as per taste)
7.Vanilla(2 tbsp)

1.Grind the peanuts  and sesame seeds in the grinder.
2.Add some oil to make a smooth fine buttery texture.
3.Add the coconut and grind again.
4.Strain the cocoa powder .Add the cocoa powder and fold into this mixture .The mixture should be thick
5.Add the remaining oil ,vanilla and powdered sugar and beat with a beater unless and until it forms

a smooth even textured mix and the sugar mixes completely.tip:If the mixture becomes too dry add some more peanut butter or vegetable oil whichever is handy.
5.Pour into molds and set for 3 hours or more.
6.Take out from the molds and serve with dry fruits.


Indrani Sen is a teacher,lecturer in Information Technology/Computer Science for the past 12 years. She has authored 4 text books in Information Technology.
She is passionate about cooking and loves to blog about food and travel.This blog is like my baby as I have built it from scratch by myself with little help from colleagues ,friends and of course Google.

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