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Baked Pineapple Fish

My family loves fish meals ,so innovative recipes of fish is a necessity.Combining fish with fruits makes it stand out.The fruit provides its natural color ,aroma and sweetness to the dish.This recipe is also an innovation when there was a cut pineapple in my refrigerator and fish fillets left  to be cooked.Fish and vegetables can be a healthy and filling dinner.Hope you like the recipe.I am missing a pineapple piece in the garnish.But unfortunately I did not have any left 🙁


1.Basa Fish Fillets or any fish fillets boneless
2.Garlic 2 to 3 cloves
3.Ginger 1 inch
4.Green chillies (3)
6.Pineapple pieces(5 to 6)
7.Fennel powder( 1/2 tbsp)
8.olive oil (1 tbsp)
9.Chilli flakes 1/2 tbsp


1.Grind the ingredients together into a fine paste
2.Apply on the fish for 15 to 20 minutes
3.Bake the fish in preheated oven for 15 minutes at 150 degrees.
4.Serve with grilled vegetables


Indrani Sen is a teacher,lecturer in Information Technology/Computer Science for the past 12 years. She has authored 4 text books in Information Technology.
She is passionate about cooking and loves to blog about food and travel.This blog is like my baby as I have built it from scratch by myself with little help from colleagues ,friends and of course Google.

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