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Simple fritata

 I tried out the simple Frittata recipe by +Afner Hernández as yesterday evening snack.It was easy ,healthy and awesome.I added some more vegetables,potatoes  and herbs to make it more filling..
My version:-
1.Bok choy leaves (1 shredded)
2.Fresh Marjoram herb ( a bunch torn and chopped)
5.Cheese (cut into small squares)cheddar
6.Tomato (1/2 chopped)
7.Potato(1 cut into thin slices)
8.Garlic (1 clove chopped)
9.Black pepper (1 tbsp)
10.Green chilies (1 chopped)
11.sausages (2 to 3 sliced)
12.Capsicum (1  chopped)
Preparation1.Blanche the potatoes
2.In a non stick frying pan add 1 tbsp of oil and arrange
the potato slices and sausages and garlic.Cover cook for 2 to 3 minutes.
3.Add the other veggies .
4.Beat the eggs with salt and paper and Pour it over the vegetables.
5.Add the herbs and pepper.
6.Add the cheese and cover cook ,till the egg becomes firm.
7.Cover it with a plate and take it out in a serving dish when the cheese have melt.
8.You can add lemon 1 tbsp lemon juice if you want.
9.Slice and serve.
2015-06-28 19.07.30                                                      2015-06-28 19.05.34


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She is passionate about cooking and loves to blog about food and travel.This blog is like my baby as I have built it from scratch by myself with little help from colleagues ,friends and of course Google.

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