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Dhadoom , the name signifies the sound of an explosion and the restaurant indeed contain dishes which can cause an explosion of flavors in your mouth.The ambiance of the restaurant reflects the personality of the chef who conceptualized the theme,Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi,who is popular among the masses for his  jovial manners ,creative and fun cooking style and flavorful delicious colorful dishes. The brand aims to target the young imaginative minds and kids who admire super heroes from the comics bestsellers and brings out the child in you.

Poutine restaurant


There are three outlets of Dhadoom in Mumbai,Borivali,Matunga and Hiranandani,Thane.
You can reach Borivali Dhadoom by referring to  the following Map.


Poutine restaurant


The main cuisine of Dhadoom is “poutine” which has been very popular in Canada and is the National dish of Canada which consists of fried potatoes topped with a thick cheesy saucy gravy. The walls of the restaurant were covered with the illustrative stories of superheroes  showing  how the superheroes(spuderman,arial,potatoheads) saved the extinction of potatoes from our earth and how this delicious dish poutine evolved ,creating a magical visual storytelling  experience.

I was privileged to visit the Thane outlet of Dhadoom ,recommended by Ms. Vidya Venkatraman,the Sr. Marketing Manager of Dhadoom  and tasted some interesting delicious dishes.My 10 year daughter accompanied me too and she was on cloud nine seeing this fun place.

Dhadoom review
With Vidya Venkatraman from Dhadoom

dhadoom review

Fries OK please

A truck of fries ,literally an interesting visual treat as the crunchy potato fries are served on a toy truck ,topped with multicolored sauces.The colors are natural and extracted from vegetables.The sauce has a mixed taste of tangy and
spiciness.The pink sauce is made from natural beetroot juice,incredibly tasty you can’t stop once you have started to dig in.They are very filling too .

Price: 149/-

Poutine restaurant

Chowpaty chatpata

It was an Indian chat style bhel dressed with onions ,tomatoes and jalapenos and fries.We got it served on a truck too mixed with cheese poppers.It had got combinations of all flavors ,sweet,tangy ,savory and spicy similar to Indian chaats
,Delicious and wonderful.


Chowpatty Chatpata

Shukran (NonVeg)

We  had the non-veg version which was a spicy dish with the  combination of fries,chicken keema, harrissa sauce, and was amazing and super yummy.the dish creates  a blast of flavours with the spicy kick in your mouth.The bhut jolokia sauce prepared from the spiciest chilies from Nagaland is also available for the spice lovers.A little bit was enough to set my senses to fire.

Poutine restaurant

Doraemon’s blue jelly pasta

A very attractive colorful pasta with a blue hue from the Blue curacao syrup extracted from the dried orange peels found on curacao, an island in the caribbean. The pasta was cheesy and has a sweet and sour citrous flavor imparted by the blue curacao gel.


Poutine restaurant


Pan shake

The drink seemed extremely refreshing with flavors from the beetelnut leaf and
gulkand ,very easy and comforting on the stomach.

Pan shake
Pan shake

Oreo shake

Creamy and chocolaty with crunch from little bits of oreo in the drink..amazing


I was mesmerized with the desserts ,bowled over with the extent of innovation in these.

Gulab Jamun Pakoda

Unless and until I bit into these juicy balls ,the taste was unpredictable ,very crunchy outside with soft gulab jamuns inside topped with vanilla ice cream ,the perfect flavors married in heaven.


Gulab jamun pakoda
Gulab jamun pakoda

Oreo pakoda

A must for oreo lovers crunchy coated soft oreo cookies topped with ice cream.


Oreo pakoda
Oreo pakoda

The staff was extremely courteous and kids will definitely love this place.Had lots of fun along with delicious interesting food.



Poutine restaurant



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