Web indexing refers to various methods for indexing the contents of a website to make searching easy and efficient for the internet users.

  • Whenever a spider or crawler crawls a new page, it stores information about the page in a large database.

  • The information stored is different for each search engine, but in general they include the text, links, media and other content found on the page.

  • To save the amount to storage allocated compression and encoding is applied.

  • The search engine uses a specific algorithm to return successful results in response to the user’s queries among millions of web pages containing information.

  • algorithm uses strategies to analyze and find out the relevance and popularity and closeness of the information in a web page to a specific keyword or phrase contained in the search request .

  • The algorithm looks at the number of times the queried keyword phrase appears on the page, as well as its location on the page.

  • The presence of the keyword at locations likes title, body or tags are given importance. But the importance of these parameters varies for each search engine.

how Google indexes web pages

To find out whether your pages are getting indexed or not :-

  1. Type site:

  1. if the number of search pages are equal to the number of pages in your website all the pages are getting indexed.

  1. Otherwise check the pages which are not getting indexed and talk to the developer.

searching how many pages have been indexed by Google


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