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Orecchiette with eggplant and peppers

Orecchiette with eggplant and peppers
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 It was a holiday today…and this week again I decided to try by blogger friend’s recipes as I am feeling lazy inventing and writing recipes and want some adventure in my kitchen and this recipe is just too wonderful.I love Italian dishes and I love to know more about them and so I decided to cook
“Orecchiette with sweet peppers and eggplants ” by  +Loretta Sebastiani
the link to the recipe
Orecchitte with eggplant and peppers
The dish was amazing but I had to learn making Orecchiette at home which is a special ear shaped pasta made of semolina and flour.
I had even managed to get the exotic ingredient capers here ,thanks to my husband.I could not get fillets of  anchovies instead added some fish sausages.I followed her recipe very diligently and result was a dish full of flavors and beautiful looking ..kids favorite and guilt free too without cheese.But it tastes best with lots of grated cheese.This week I made it twice.Thanks to Loretta for sharing this beautiful recipe…I am going to make more of these with the other sauces as well.
DSC00755                                    DSC00756
DSC00762                                    DSC00768


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