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Raw banana burger patties

Raw banana burger patties
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Banana is an amazing fruit with so many health benefits but unripe bananas also make a range of tasty food which you can intake for good health.if you have some kind of food poisoning and stomach infections result in loose motion and severe pain in the lower abdominal area a traditional childhood remedy was boiled raw banana which we had to eat with rice.
You can give boiled bananas also to toddlers and even to infants above 6 months.It is rich in iron and minerals and a good source of fiber. It.It also  contains a starch that may help control blood sugar, manage weight and lower blood cholesterol levels.
Today I am going to write the recipe of a green banana patties which you can stuff inside sandwiches or burgers or can be consumed as it is.You can customize it by changing the spices and add adding some different herbs.But my advice don’t omit ginger as it goes really well with these.
Traditionally we make potato and boiled green banana koftas which are generally deep fried and added to a curry.But this recipe is a more healthy version only shallow fried on pan and you can make it complete oil free if you want.


Makes 6 patties
1.Potato (2)
2.Raw banana (2)
3.Finely chopped onions (1 cup)
4.Ginger grated (1 tbsp)
5.Green chilies (finely chopped 2)
6.1/2 tbsp cumin powder
7.All spice powder (1 tbsp)
8.Coriander leaves chopped finely (1/4th cup)
9.Whole wheat flour or chickpea four (if u want gluten free) 1/4th cup
10.Red chilly powder (1/2 tsp)
11.Salt to taste
12.Sugar(1/2 tsp)


1.Boil the raw bananas and potatoes with little salt.
2.Drain the water completely and allow to be on the strainer for sometimes till it cools a little.
3.Mix all the ingredients together to form a not so solid mixture.
4.Wet your hand make flat patties with your palms.Roll them over flour and shallow fry them on a pan greased with 1 to 2 tbsp of oil till they get nice brown on both the sides.
5.You can now stuff them inside burgers or sandwiches etc.
6.Trust me ! they taste awesome.


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