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Vinod Cookware Launch party|A Step towards fitness|Brunch at Veranda


Vinod cookware is a range of cookwares specially manufactured customised to Indian  cooking .over the years researches have established the harmful effects of aluminium when it comes in contact with food.There has also been studies which reveal that aluminum can hamper a child’s IQ.
But still when it comes to home cooking many home cooks prefer using an aluminum  kadai compared to steel pan because the heavy aluminum bottom prevents the food  from sticking to the bottom of the pan while frying or sauteing.

Vinod Cookware Launch party              Vinod Cookware Launch party


The Technology

Vinod intelligent cookwares employ a revolutionary platinum technology which uses:-

  • multiple layers
  • induces faster cooking
  • minimise oil absorption
  • distribute heat evenly 

Interesting isn’t it? All the cookwares are induction friendly .It  uses aluminum core for the uniform distribution of heat as aluminium core is  sandwiched between superior graded stainless steel layers.This also prevents aluminium from coming directly in contact with the food.

Vinod Cookware Launch party

The Event

I was privileged to have been invited to the cookware launch party at Veranda,Hotel Executive Enclave, Bandra which was based on the theme #countdowntofitness.The  theme was to encourage people to rethink on their health and fitness resolutions in the coming year not only in perspective to diet and healthy food but also choosing a suitable cookware which retains the nutrition of the food and absorbs less oil  during cooking and contribute to health directly.
Recently the Company has launched a range of marbilo cookwares consisting of nonstick pans and stainless steel bottles which have took the cookware market by storm with their durable marble finish and gorgeous looks.The bottles are a eco-friendlier  replacement for plastic bottles and water remains cooler in these bottles for a longer time.The whole range looked so gorgeous.

The event commenced as Mr. Sameer Malkani,the co-founder of FBAI introduced us to a  list of things planned in the afternoon.The event was fun and kicked off with games motivating a healthy lifestyle.Starting from push-ups ,hula hoops by the bloggers  ,the fun continued as ,there was also a “identifying your spice” game, where the participant(my blogger friend Shital kakkad ) was blind folded and asked to identify the whole spice just by touch and feel .Voila !,she almost identified 90%  of them and emerged as a winner.
I personally loved the questions and answer session curated by the Vinod cookware team . I did learn and enjoy a lot  from this sessions in particular.Some of the interesting questions and answers are follows:-

    1. Which fruit is a huge source of Vitamin C?
      Ans: kiwi
    2. Which one is a source of artificial sugar in healthy food?
      Ans: Fructose
    3. What are the following food items equivalent to?The choices were:
      • A glass of Red Wine equivalent to?
      • Ans:5 hershey’s kisses
      • Burger king large Fanta equivalent to?
      • Ans: 6 oreo cookies
      • Starbucks branded caramel frappuccino?
      • Ans:2 Pancakes with syrup
      • Pina Colada equivalent to?
      • Ans:Pasta Dinner
    4. I have got Green and red pyjamas and black buttons.People eat me in Summer”,which fruit am I?
      Ans:Water Melon

     Vinod Cookware Launch party


    The Brunch at Veranda

    The lazy Sunday brunch consisted of food items ,which were healthy colorful and
    delicious.I loved the openness of the restaurant filled with natural light and the
    decor was simple elegant and very very cozy .There was two types of Sangria ,Red
    and white wine Sangria ,strong and full of flavor and punch, from the fruit pieces
    drenched in it.
    There was a range of interesting starters.Some of them were:-

    1. Cottage cheese triology
      Veg bruschetta
      Prawns in butter garlic sauce
      Chicken drumsticks

    Vinod Cookware Launch party

    Vinod Cookware Launch party
    Red and white wine Sangria
    Vinod Cookware Launch party
    Vinod Cookware Launch party
    Hawaiian salad

    There was three varieties of salads,Greek Salad,Macaroni Salad and Hawaiian Salad.I loved the roasted chicken and mushroom which tasted fresh and delicious.The Mutton Hariyali looked beautiful but lacked the punch somewhere and it could have been better.

    Vinod Cookware Launch party
    Greek Salad
    Vinod Cookware Launch party
    Macaroni Salad



    Vinod Cookware Launch party

    Vinod Cookware Launch party

    Vinod Cookware Launch party

    1. Desserts

      The desserts were divine,I tried the gulkand choco bar ,chocolaty sweetened with
      gulkand ,tasted exotic.
      The angoori gulab jamun with vanilla ice cream was a visual treat.

    Vinod Cookware Launch party
    Gulkand Chocobar
    Vinod Cookware Launch party
    Angoori gulab jamun with vanilla ice-cream


    1. Overall a pleasant and fun Sunday afternoon experience,with a lot of info about healthy lifestyle as take away.We were gifted with two beautiful non-stick pans.
    2. Recipe testing

      I prepared cheese stuffed parathas in the frying pan and The flatbread was beautifully crisp.Due to the even heat distribution the stuffing did not even come out of the paratha or flatbread and it was uniformly cooked.I will highly recommend the home chefs to use the Vinod intelligent cookwares for their home cooking.

    3. Vinod cookware launch party

    Vinod Cookware Launch party


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