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Multilayered chocoberry cake


I needed to bake a cake on my daughter’s birthday and I wanted to create something new .For a long

time I wanted to do some modelling with chocolates and I decorated the cake with chocolate roses.The basic cake was simple sponge cake.I made two sponge cakes one strawberry and another one chocolate flavored and then layered them one after the other.Both the cakes are sliced from between, so actually there are four layers.I made some mistake,if the layers would have been placed

alternatively ,it would have looked better.Again my whipping cream cheated me at the last moment ,it

was not getting stiff and the sprinklers came to the rescue.So among the stress and excitement  the

cake which finally came out tasted very good and looked fine to be presented before little expert

I don’t take chances with a cake recipe,my basic sponge cake recipe remains the same only some

techniques differ.In case you want 1 kg cake just halve the quantity of ingredients.

The following recipe makes 2 Kg choco berry cake

Strawberry cake( 1kg)


1.5 eggs
2.10 tbsp of heaped refined flour,1/2 tsp of baking powder
3.10 tbsp of powdered sugar
4.1/2 tsp vanilla
5.1/2 tsp emgel(cake improver)
6.1 tsp vegetable oil
7.Strawberries( 7 to 8)
8.Strawberry crush 1/2 cup
9.Fresh whipped cream (I use dairy free ) 500 ml beaten till stiff


1.Preheat the oven at 240 degrees Celsius
2.Measure out the dry ingredients.
3.Grease a 1 kg baking tin with butter and dust with flour.Keep it away.
4.Cut the strawberries into pieces and keep aside.
5.add the strawberry crush to one 1 cup of water and mix to form a runny pink syrup.Add sugar if you find it sour and acidic.
6.Separate the egg whites into one bowl and beat with an electric beater till stiff and peaks are formed.
7.Add vanilla ,emgel to the egg yolk.
8.Add egg yolk mixture to the egg whites and beat just to blend the mixture.
9.Add sugar and beat at speed 1.Do not over beat.
10.stop the beater and add the dry flour mixture in batches to blend and form a smooth mixture.
11.Slice the cake into two halves.
12. soak both the slices in strawberry syrup we just had made.

Chocolate cake(1 kg)
1.6 eggs
2.9 tbsp refined flour
3.6 tbsp cocoa powder
4.15 tbsp powdered sugar
5.1/2 tbsp emgel
6.2 tsp oil
7.1 tsp baking powder
8.1 tsp vanilla essence
9.Chocolate (50 gms chopped)
10.200 ml fresh cream

The method of preparing the cake is same as above.Only difference is you need to add cocoa in the
dry ingredients.
Soak the chocolate cake in sugar syrup.(Sugar dissolved in water .no heating)

Layering the cake

1.Add alternate layers of chocolate and strawberry cakes.
2.Place a layer of cake soaked in strawberry syrup
3.add the strawberry pieces mixed with whipped cream.
4.Add the layer of chocolate cake
5.Add chocolate sauce over this layer [made by adding cream to molten chocolate and mixing it hard] 6.Add the strawberry cake piece again followed by the strawberry filling
7.Finally the layer of chocolate cake .
I did not make alternate layers .That was a mistake.I advise you to layer chocolate and strawberry flavored layers alternately.

Now finally when the cake is made and you are eased out,you can  start decorating with the icing nozzles.You can set your imagination free and can design a dream cake.
The cream should be beaten the day before so that it can form stiff peaks and it is not runny.

Chocolate roses

1.Dark or white chocolate [100 gms] 2.Sugar (1 cup)
3.Corns [6 to 7] 4.1/4 th cup water


Making corn syrup

1.Boil 1/4th cup of water
2.Add 1 cup of sugar in it.
3.When the sugar dissolves add corns
4.after  boiling for a minute strain the corn syrup.


Making modelling chocolate

1.Melt the chocolate in a double boiler
2.Add 1 tbsp of corn syrup
3.Stir vigorously,the chocolate will leave the sides of the container and form a soft dough.
4.Now you can divide it into petals and make roses.
5.if it is sticky dust it  with cocoa powder.


Decorate your cake with chocolate roses or balls.Keep smiling and happy baking  🙂





Indrani Sen is a teacher,lecturer in Information Technology/Computer Science for the past 12 years. She has authored 4 text books in Information Technology.
She is passionate about cooking and loves to blog about food and travel.This blog is like my baby as I have built it from scratch by myself with little help from colleagues ,friends and of course Google.

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