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Breakfast Vegetarian

Grilled vegetable mozzarella sandwich

The sandwich is stuffed with one’s choice of veggies and mozzarella cheese.It is nutritional filling and beautiful looking dish per cfect for a Sunday breakfast or brunch. Ingredients 1.Lettuce(torn with hand ) 2.Tomato(sliced) 3.Onion(sliced) 4.Green bell peppers(sliced finely) 5.Red Black pepper(sliced finely) 6.Yellow bell pepper(sliced finely) 7.Cucumber (sliced) 8.Chilly flakes(1 tsp) 9.Black pepper(1 tbsp) 10.Lemon …


Grilled chicken mustard sandwich

This is a tasty sandwich with smoky grilled chicken filling ,spiced with mustard sauce…. Ingredients 1.Boneless chicken(100 gm) 2.Soy sauce (2 tbsp) 3.Salt(as per taste) 4.Lemon juice(2 tbsp) 5.Black pepper(1 tbsp coarsely ground) 6.Ginger garlic paste(2 tbsp) 7.Chilly flakes(1 tsp) 8.Onions finely sliced(1 onion) 9.Mustard sauce(grind Dijon mustard seeds(1/4th cup) ,lemon juice(2 to 3 tsp),green …

Breakfast cakes Dessert


This a sweet bread from the Afghanistan kitchen taken alongside morning or evening tea.This can be taken as a breakfast or as a dessert.It is packed with energy and a good dish to start the day with.It has a texture which is more dense than a cake and you can add walnuts and dry fruits …