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Laccha paratha

Laccha paratha
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Lachha paratha is a multi layered North Indian Flatbread which is prepared in a creative way such that it is crispy and flaky outside and soft inside.If you want it soft inside you can add eggs.You can serve it with any vegetarian or novegetarian side dish..


  1. Refined wheat flour (2 cups)
  2. Eggs 2
  3. Milk as per requirement
  4. Salt as per taste
  5. Oil (3 tbsp)
  6. Baking powder (1/2 tsp)


1.Add the eggs ,oil and salt to the refined flour and knead.
2.If the mixture is dry add milk.
3.Knead the mixture till a soft uniform textured dough is formed .
4.Cover with a cloth or keep in a air tight container for some times.
5.Make small balls out of the dough.
6.Flatten the dough ,brush some oil and fold it.
7.brush oil again and fold in the reverse direction.
continue the process till a ribbon is formed.
9.for a spiral with the ribbon.
10.Flatten this dough to form a round circular thin disk.
11.Shallow Fry it on pan on both sides and serve with your favourite dip or side dish


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